Hyundai?s Extensive Technology Package

Blue Link arrives later this year.

Hyundai has pulled into the passing lane in automotive styling and quality, and it appears that technology may be their next conquest target.

Hyundai?s Blue Link? telematics system, which made its world debut at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in January, offers consumers seamless connection between the office, home, smart phone and automobile with fast and reliable IT technology.

In addition to turn-by-turn navigation ability, a restaurant finder and more than 30 other features, Blue Link will let Hyundai owners start their car remotely, will call emergency services if the driver cannot, will share vehicle location on social-network sites and will let drivers browse the Web, text and e-mail in a non-distracting manner. Blue Link will even let parents monitor how far and how fast their teens are driving when they borrow the Hyundai.

?Automobiles are evolving rapidly, equipped with not only the latest powertrain technologies, but with advanced electronics, IT and software to satisfy drivers? emotional needs,? said Woong-Chul Yang, President at Hyundai Motor?s R&D Center. ?Hyundai will focus on securing state-of-the-art IT and automobile convergence technologies to become an industry leader.?

Blue Link will be available in the U.S. starting with the Sonata and Veloster three-door utility coupe later this year and will gradually be offered in other regions.

The Blue Link system also includes six other concept in-car technologies: The Smart Connectivity System, which allows drivers to connect their smart phones and tablet PCs with the vehicle; the Motion Sensor Moustick, which recognizes the driver?s hand movements through sensors to control the car?s audio and navigation system; Intelligent Haptic System, a control system inspired by popular consumer technology; Dynamic Cluster, an LCD gauge and information system that is driver-customizable; Car Browser System and Web Platform, a fully functional Internet terminal; and Multifunctional Safety Vision System, a four-camera, 360-degree view around the vehicle.

Many of these technologies were developed at the Automotive IT Innovation Center (AIIC), which was established near Seoul in 2008 by the Hyundai Motor Group, Microsoft Corp. and Korea?s National IT Technology Promotion Agency (NIPA) to develop IT products and services for automotive application.

Hyundai plans to strengthen its research and development in automotive IT technology through cooperative organizations such as the AIIC to raise its future brand competitiveness.

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