LF-LC Hybrid 2+2 Lexus Concept

Lexus recently unwrapped a striking new hybrid 2+2 sport coupe that they shows the future design direction for Lexus and an emphasis on a driver-focused vehicles.

Penned by the Toyota Calty design studio in Newport Beach, Calif., the new LF-LC concept redefines the Lexus-look with avant-garde beauty and an emphasis on advanced technology, while remaining within reach ?of typical premium buyers.

?The concept hybrid 2+2 liberates the idea of a sport coupe and pushes the boundaries of performance, style and technology,? said Mark Templin, Lexus group vice president and general manager.

The LF-LC displays the new Lexus design language in its bold interpretation of the signature Lexus spindle grille and rear architecture. Sumptuous curves blend smoothly into dynamic angles, creating an inviting display of lines, shadows and corners.

Framed by a deep aluminum surround, the mesh pattern of the spindle grille takes 3D sculpture form, and functional air intakes in the bottom corners of the grille show the fusion of distinctive style and engineering functionality.

?Our entire studio worked to develop this beautiful interpretation of Lexus originality,? said Kevin Hunter, president of Calty. ?The LF-LC concept embodies our vision of what a premium sport coupe could be.?

The concept car?s glass roof features a lightweight, cantilevered pillar with a glass-to-glass juncture inspired by modern architecture. A rising, kick-up window graphic and polished aluminum trim are unexpected elements. Overall, the greenhouse design enhances driver visibility while adding to the sleek lines of the car.

The dynamic cabin lines are carried through to the rear deck, sculpturally integrating the spindle grille theme to echo the front of the vehicle while creating a unique sense of width. The tail lamps, inspired by the look of a jet afterburner at take-off, use inner lighting to create a remarkable sense of depth.

The interior of the LF-LC concept vehicle contrasts the cool ambience of advanced technology with soft textures and organic shapes to create a driver-focused synergy of form and function. The cockpit expresses a feeling of both openness and security. The driver is enveloped by deeply scooped side panels and a high, curved console. The effect is to focus the driver zone on the controls and on the road.

Twin 12.3-inch LCD screens provide information and navigation display. Inputs come from a touch-screen control board piercing the swept center console. Used to control the audio system, climate controls and navigation, the interface features a pop-up touch-screen keyboard for more complex entries. Similar touch-screen surfaces on each door operate the windows, mirrors, seat adjustments and personal entertainment settings.

The front-engine, rear-wheel drive LF-LC features Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive, delivering both driving performance and fuel efficiency.

?This thought-provoking design exercise is a stunning expression of creativity,? said Templin. ?Combined with a next-generation hybrid powertrain, this concept promises a rewarding driving experience that is also kinder to the environment.?

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