Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept: First Look at Detroit Luxury

© Ford Motor CompanyLincoln Aviator Shinola Concept
Today Lincoln revealed a new concept vehicle, the result of a collaboration between Ford’s long-running luxury nameplate and Detroit-based design brand Shinola, creating an Aviator concept SUV that reflects Shinola’s approachable luxury. Shinola is known for leather goods, watches, and bicycles — as well as the Shinola Hotel in Detroit. The Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept incorporates design touches inspired by Shinola products and signature elements.

© Ford Motor CompanyAviator Shinola Exterior
Designers of the Lincoln Aviator Shinola Concept chose a soft-white exterior paint color said to be inspired by Shinola’s iconic mother of pearl stone watch dials with hints of blue, while copper accents echo the copper-plated structure of the Shinola Runwell bike seat. Lincoln designers drew inspiration from Shinola leathers, the Canfield Sport watch and Runwell bicycle.

© Ford Motor CompanyShinola Design Motifs
“Shinola opened up their showroom to us as a playground — allowing us to explore how their brand’s lifestyle ethos could be woven into a new theme for one of our vehicles,” said Kemal Curic, design director at Lincoln. “Our designers were handed a rare gift, and they made the most of it. The fresh insights our team gained studying popular design motifs make this new Aviator concept a true celebration of craftsmanship,” Curic noted.

© Ford Motor CompanyShinola Interior Influence
Inside, this Lincoln Aviator concept also carries Shinola design elements with Shinola whiskey leather combined with crème suede — both chosen to coordinate with the exterior color. The seat pattern also incorporates stripes inspired by Shinola luggage straps.

© Ford Motor CompanyExpression of Craftsmanship
“The goal is to impress occupants with our very own expression of craftsmanship, showcasing our meticulous attention to detail,” said Liam Butler, Lincoln color and material designer. “This stripe is unlike anything I’ve ever seen sewn into a vehicle, so we wanted to make sure it was done with care,” Butler observed.

© Ford Motor CompanyLincoln Aviator Shinola Concept
The instrument panel and second-row console of the Aviator Shinola Concept reflect industrial luxury with a woven metal mesh that includes copper accents — a direct reference to the Shinola watch band. Aside from the metal trim, every surface of the dash, door panels and console get swathed in soft-touch materials for a premium tactile experience.

© Ford Motor CompanyQuiet Flight
“It’s all about warm, human and personally crafted experiences, all true to Lincoln DNA, and knowing and feeling that quality of a leather watch strap on your wrist,” said Butler. “That’s what we wanted to re-create here, in everything from the stitching to the copper accents to the various textures — all tying back to the idea of Quiet Flight,” noted Lincoln’s color and material designer.

© Ford Motor CompanyLincoln Aviator Shinola Concept
Although the Aviator Shinola Concept remains strictly a blue-sky vehicle at this time, Lincoln — and parent company Ford — have a long history of designer models and co-branded trim levels — think Eddie Bauer. The Aviator Shinola appears to be a logical addition to (and edition for) the Aviator lineup, bringing together these two Detroit brands.

© Ford Motor CompanyLincoln and Shinola
“After our initial meeting with the Lincoln team, it was clear we shared the same passion for well-designed, beautifully crafted products,” said Shannon Washburn, Shinola CEO. “Designers from both brands came together to create an ultra-luxe vehicle that still embodies Shinola’s aesthetic of approachable luxury with thoughtful details. You can see this in the touches of copper inspired by our bike seats and the brand strip incorporated into the leather seats,” Washburn observed.

© Ford Motor CompanyAppearing at Pebble Beach
The Aviator Shinola Concept is scheduled to be on display the third week of August at the 2021 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance — an apropos venue to debut this collaboration in luxury from two notable Detroit-based brands.

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