Marines Can Change Engine in 42 Seconds

According to Consumer Reports the average car maintenance bill is $250 and change. 60% of that cost is labour alone, so the quicker the repairs can be done the less it cost. We found an old BBC video that shows Royal Marines can change Engine in 42 seconds. The rules for this record breaking attempt are very simple. The car has to be running. The clock starts once the engine is turned off. The five marines exit the car, change the engine, get back in the car and drive it 10 meters. That is when the clock is stopped. This would be difficult to do in a modern car because the systems are much more complicated, but these marines have it together and impressed the heck out of us.

The standard time for a regular mechanic to change the Ford Escort engine is over three hours and as you can see from the video it took five Royal Marines to make the change so they had an advantage over a single machanic. In a modern shop you would get one mechanic with equipment to do the lift and you would have a one day labour charge. even so this video is very impressive. My suggestion is that the US Marines offer this service and create a new government revenue stream. If you are still driving a 1970’s ford escort you might have more problems than just changing the engine. ?The interesting?fact?is that ford have talked about bringing the escort back in parts of the world. ?Perhaps it should be called the “Ford Street Walker” or ?”The Ford Hooker”

1980 Ford Escort-Marines Can Change Engine in 42 Seconds

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