McLaren 720s Goes 212 MPH but does not have a bathroom

The 2021 McLaren 720S is a perfect example of functional art. It’s a supercar admired globally and world-renowned for its speed and performance. The beautifully sculpted, unnecessarily quick, dihedral-doored machine costs more than most people’s houses. Do you know why? Because it’s one of if not the best supercar in the world.

​You really have to be winning at life to be able to obtain one of these cars. With a price tag that starts at $315,000 – this supercar is bought by the super-rich and famous. Lil Wayne was given a 2020 version from his label, as a reward for his accolades accomplished throughout his career to date. His version cost closer to $500,000 because you know, it’s Lil Wayne. Other celebrities such as Tyga and Tyler the creator go to great lengths to protect their investment. Both use special materials to cover their McLarens to protect them from the sun and anything else the earth can throw at them.
The 720 S’s greatest accomplishment includes a 2.6-second shot to 60 mph, 1.10 g of cornering grip, and a zero-to-70-mph stop in just 141 feet. Told you this was a proper supercar. The 2022 version vows to meld the driver more so into the car creating the purest of the driver and car connections.
When you take the top off of a super coupe, something has to give. There usually is always a blatantly new “con” as opposed to a pro. In this situation and at the level of care we are dealing with, this would manifest in more weight and less rigidity. The 720S Spider isn’t affected at all. The retractable roof does add a little weight, but it still goes 0-60 in 2.6 seconds. We here at OurAutoExpert would be happy to have that as a “con”
When the top is retracted, you can almost hear the Top Gun theme music playing. This is more equivalent to an open-air cockpit and the closest thing you will get to being in a cockpit on the ground.
Personalizing this car is extensive but subjective. OurAutoExpert looked at a few, and the ones we picked were as follows: Front and rear parking sensors, front-end vehicle lift, electrochromic glass roof, and the McLaren exclusive Track Telemetry with a lap-time recorder because of 0-60 reasons. Oh and Four cameras. Mounted, please.
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