The Electric car revolution has a new Alpha. A new competitor that will make the rest get up and re-evaluate their impact on the market. Having developers hanging their heads in shame, back to the drawing board.

Mercedes Benz and their AMG line have entered the chat. Screaming at us all with the all-new all-electric AMG EQS Sedan. The most recognizable AMG in the lineup is the GTR, and Mercedes made sure to not dilute the purity of the GTR or the legendary heritage that is Mercedes, by adding electricity. The next big subject that people often talk about being compromised is the engine. You can sleep easier knowing in the EQS you have 751hp to get you to dreamland that much quicker.

Mercedes has taken another concern and solved it in the most creative of ways. When you enter the elite status of owning a super performance car like the AMG EQS, the engine sings the most beautiful song that echoes through the tailpipes. But electric cars are silent. What do we do? We add AMG engine noises that can be changed and manipulated from the giant 55” screen.

One would think that with 751HP you would not get very good gas mileage. Good thing we are all electric then! This EQS gets about 350 miles of range but could be better depending on the results of the real-world testing. If you do all the math and carry the 4, the EQS tops out at 155MPH.

Mercedes really went all out introducing the first AMG electric car. The interior is truly stunning and looks like it’s from the year 3021. We should all salute and give Mercedes the flowers they deserve.

You can’t buy this car yet; it won’t be available until early 2022 but that gives you a head start to save your pennies. $103,360 of them to be in fact.

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