Mercedes Benz, now made in America.

When you think of Mercedes, you may think of high-end luxury sedans, german elegance, and opulence. But you might also want to consider the Mercedes sprinter van made in the United States. That is not all the company has to offer
Mercedes are the world’s most valuable luxury automotive brand. Mercedes have an F1 team driven by the world-famous lewis hamilton. Mercedes also make the AMG line of vehicles like the AMG GL E53.
And here is the big news, Mercedes has opened a new factory to start production of its new EQS SUV in the US. Not just the vehicle but the batteries are being made, not in china, not in japan, but America too. So, although this company is known for delivery and performance, it now will be known for American craftsmanship.
When you see the GL E53 in your rearview mirror, it must look menacing. It almost looks like a bodybuilder wearing a t-shirt one size too small. Every muscle bursts to get out. This luxury animal wants out of its cage.
And when you see a Sprinter or an EQS SUV on the road, you know that Mercedes is putting money back into the US economy not just in the dealerships and factories but in those companies that rely on them for their functionality.
0-60 times in this is listed at 4.7 seconds through the quarter mile at 103 miles per hour. If my wife knew that: she would never let me take the kids to school. But at half that speed, driving is still an absolute thrill. This is just part of the reason that everyone wants a Mercedes.
The other is investing back into the American auto industry, and we like that. They are not the only ones, BMW, VinFast, and a large handful of other foreign companies have invested in the US auto industry, which makes America grow stronger.

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