Mercedes Benz Vision EQXX // Mercedes just had their version of the Moon landing. This is huge.

​I just flew 11 hours to get into Germany so that I can bring you the latest from Mercedes Benz. I was one of the elite that got to drive the all-new all-electric Mercedes Benz Vision EQXX. And I will tell you it is the most anticipated Drive of the Year.

This is probably the most efficient car I have ever seen and is certainly the most efficient car that Mercedes has ever produced. This vehicle is all-electric, and it will do approximately 747 miles on a single charge of electricity, and it’s pretty amazing.

The plan was to have zero impact on the planet. The result was the Mercedes Vision EQXX Mercedes-Benz gave me unprecedented access to the car at the high-security testing facility, 90 minutes from Stuttgart, Germany.

Mercedes started with the idea of creating a vehicle that would do over 1,000 kilometers on a single charge, and they started 18 months before it was first revealed at CES, with a blank sheet of paper, and had to create a vehicle that would do that. And the first time it hit the road was on April 5th. 2022. They drove it from the Stuttgart area all the way to Cassis, and they did it for the first time on public roads ever, with a thousand and eight kilometers in trial number one; they repeated it and got better numbers the second time that they did it. Because we’re not all familiar with Kilometers, the transition of one thousand and eight kilometers into miles is six hundred and twenty-three point three miles.

I spoke with Dr. Julian Pilas, one of the lead engineers on the project. I asked him if he was sad that this was a one-off project, and he replied, “yeah, me personally, I’m in love with the car. From the first moment I drove it with them and Proving Ground, it’s the foundation for product development.”

What Julian and his team have done with the EQXX can be equated to what wireless charging did for electrical devices.

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