Mini are perfect anti-theft devices and fun to drive cars.

​A manual transmission can be very intimidating to someone who has no idea how to drive one. Nearly 17 states will consider electric-only vehicle sales in the next decade. Manual transmissions will start to become extinct. Mini is offering you what could be the last chance to learn how to navigate a manual transmission.

Twenty years ago, about 8% of cars for sale were offered as manual transmissions. Today that has dropped to just over 2%

However, for those that can drive a manual, your selection of car manufacturers is at about ten that still offer manuals today. Companies like Jeep, Dodge, BMW, and the British brand Mini. Rah Mahtani from Mini USA states: “For over a decade, consumers have ranked MINI as the most fun-to-drive brand in America. That’s exactly why we brought the manual back. A MINI with a manual transmission represents the most fun and intimate connection between human and machine.”

Sixty-six percent of men say they can still drive a manual. Alternatively, thirty percent of women have declared being able to drive a manual. Mini believes in the manual so much that they opened up classes and are teaching them at performance schools for those who want to come and learn. They are even holding women-only classes.

At the BMW performance school, you can expect the stress of learning to drive a manual to be gone. The course creates a solid foundation for drivers to build their comfort with driving manual transmission vehicles. The curriculum focuses on vehicle controls, finding the friction point, and practicing smooth starts, stops, and acceleration. At the end of the course, participants will be tested on a timed course to assess the driver’s knowledge. You safely learn how to drive a manual on a 5-mile pavement course with trained professionals.

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