Clubman meaning: it is an Estate car and not a wagon

The British have interesting names for things. They call garbage rubbish, shopping carts are called shopping trolleys, and sedans are called saloons. So what does the Mini Clubman mean? Clubman meaning: it is an Estate car and not a wagon. They don?t want you calling it a wagon it is an Estate car. Traditionally wagons have not done that well in the United States. The station wagon in the United States was originally called the depot hack. They were used around train stations and to ferry passengers. After the second World War the station wagons popularity grew as trucks were still in short supply. The real golden years of the station wagon were in the 60?s and 70?s. This was the true ERA of the wagon and it was adopted by families and adventurers.

Over the years many car companies have tried to bring the wagon back. Dodge made a run at it with the Magnum. Acura with the TSX Sports Wagon and both ended up being canceled. Few companies have made the wagon stick in the USA and today there are only 6 companies still making wagons. So why did Mini decided to make a wagon? Mini owners toldMini that is what they wanted. So here is the new Mini Clubman estate car. It is the largest Mini ever made and pushes the car from the subcompact size to the compact size. It?s bigger than a Golf and just a hair smaller than a Mazda3, but it is still a Mini.

One of the new Mini Clubmanengines is also used in the BMW i8. It has a twin turbo and delivers up to 180 horsepower. I love the go kart style handling, the exterior styling, chesterfield sofa interior and the new quiet ride is very noticeable. Mini have put lots of time and effort into this car to get it just right. They have concentrated on the quality of the car. Making sure that it is well made with premium materials. Just look at the new color combinations on the inside, or the fine finish. The company?s hard work is evident in the resulting product. Mini have concentrated on making it as perfect as possible, with well-positioned speakers, and an infotainment system that is intuitive and yet simple to operate. The best part of this vehicle is the back end. One of the best-designed rear ends that I have seen. Barn doors each with its own wiper and fold flat 60/40 seats. Let?s talk about price and fuel economy of the Mini Clubman. It starts at $24,100 and $40,000 is not out

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