​If you thought electric cars were slow and boring you might be surprised, there are electric cars on sale today that do over 200 miles an hour and make close to 2000 horsepower. our auto expert Nik miles heads to pam springs to autocross some electric minis.

“If you have never done an autocross course before in a gas car it is well worth your time. quite simply it is a coned course in a parking lot or curves and turns that takes a skilled driver under 60 seconds to complete and the person who completes it without knocking over any cones in the lowest time wins” exclaims Mike Payton, President of Mini USA

“Mini has strong racing heritage history already they ended their racing season this year on a high note at the Indianapolis motor speedway with two first-place finishes so it should be no surprise that auto crossing an electric mini was fun for me” stated, Pat McKenna head of Mini-marketing

One of the things that make a Mini so fun to drive is the go-cart live handling. With wheels in each corner, it really is like being a kid again and having incredible maneuverability. Something I miss driving big SUVs. the electric Mini or the Mini SE might even be more fun to drive than the regular Mini

We had a drone up to follow the cars doing autocross and we went so fast that the automatic follow feature on our drown could not keep up. Being on a course that was not supposed to exceed 30 miles an hour the drone had its work cut out for it, and was ultimately outsmarted. The footage was funny to watch and interesting to film.

Mini has reported that they will go all-electric by the early 2030s and although electrification brings many new challenges with it that may be difficult to solve when it comes to Mini. They definitely have one thing mastered already. They have fun driving when it is electrified.

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