2011 Mustang V6 Kicking Ass

?If you have a pulse you have impulses?.? The first words said by Ford when rolling out the? 2011 Mustang V6.? Mustang has take its place in American iconography for 45 years.? 9 million customers later?Ford have learned a few things about what attracts Mustang buyers to the car.? It begins with looks and craftsmanship and ends with power and performance. But it goes much further than the competitive set, this car is part of Americana.

These are big shoes to fill for Ford. ?With 305 hp and up to 31 MPG Ford may have filled those shoes with the 2011 Mustang.?This generation sees a totally new approach from Ford.? Astonishingly they used the Audi A5 interior as an aspirational target.? For quality goals Ford used the Honda Accord, which surprisingly is one of the most cross shopped cars with the Mustang.? Interestingly the Mustang V6 gets 3 MPG better milage than the Honda Accord V6.

The real target for the new Mustang is the Chevy Camaro.? Ford are fast to point out all the advantages that the new Mustang has over it?s competitors.? Mustang has rear view back up camera and Navigation, Camaro does not.? Mustang has better trunk space and head room than Camaro.

On the exterior the front and rear facia of the 2011 Mustang are new, the V6 now has 19 inch wheel and 3 new colors have been added for the model year.? On the inside the metal look is?real metal, the stitching is all real and the surfaces are all soft touch.? Amazing ambiant lighting that can be tuned to the exact the color required by the driver and a new glass roof option gives this car lots of youthful luxury appear.


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