Neiman Marcus Reveals 2020 Fantasy Gifts

© Bowlus Road Chief, © Perini Ranch. © Sheldon Chalet, © Keith and JamesChristmas Book
For nearly 100 years, luxury retailer Neiman Marcus has been offering an annual Christmas Book for holiday shopping. The first was a 16-page booklet in 1926 designed as a Christmas card for the store’s best customers. Over the years the Christmas Book not only grew but flourished; in the 1950s the catalog began featuring exclusive, extravagant gifts. Quite a few gifts during the last few decades have been exclusive automobiles for the well-heeled.

© Ford Motor CompanyAutomotive Gifts
Headquartered in Dallas, Neiman Marcus has offered exclusive vehicles through the Christmas Book, the first being the 1995 BMW Z3. Five years later the Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Ford Thunderbird sold out in two hours, and in 2006 Neiman’s offered 50 BMW M6 Convertibles that sold out in a mere 92 seconds. No cars are offered for 2020, but there is one exclusive gift on wheels. Let’s start with that rolling holiday surprise, and take a quick look at the rest of the Fantasy Gifts of the 2020 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. All gifts include a donation to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation supporting Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

© BowlusBowlus Endless Highways Bespoke Performance Edition — $255,000
If this aluminum-skinned luxury trailer looks similar to another of America’s iconic silver travel trailers, it’s no coincidence. In 1934 the Bowlus Teller company introduced the aluminum-bodied Road Chief, and it caught the eye of one Wally Byam, who felt he could make a better version. That “better version” became the first Airstream. Bowlus Teller built trailers through 1936; however, in 2014 Geneva Long — daughter of two online banking pioneers — revived the Bowlus Road Chief brand to create one of the most advanced travel trailers in the world with a clear connection to the original.

© BowlusBowlus Endless Highways Bespoke Performance Edition
“The Bowlus Road Chief embodies the ultimate performance, technology and luxury in the perfect adventure-ready RV” said Long, founder & CEO of Bowlus Road Chief. The Endless Highways Performance Edition combines the original Bowlus styling — complete with aluminum rivets and door uniquely located at the front of the trailer — and adds ultra-luxurious materials and features, including an exclusive lithium-iron phosphate battery system that can provide off-grid power for up to two weeks.

© BowlusBowlus Endless Highways Bespoke Performance Edition
Not only does this Neiman Marcus gift feature the travel trailer, it also includes an exclusive design consultation with Bowlus Road Chief CEO Geneva Long to customize the interior of a bespoke Bowlus with an array of yacht-grade finishes. Coordinating kitchen and table linens, a dinnerware set for four and outdoor seating are all part of this this exclusive gift which is limited to one trailer.

© Assouline PublishingAssouline Custom Travel Library — $295,000
To create a proper library, some might say the surroundings are as important as the books. This belief inspired Prosper Assouline and his wife, Martine, to create their New York-based publishing house. Assouline’s claim to fame is being the first luxury brand to supply everything for a contemporary library, from books to furnishings. As the founders put it, “We love and believe in books . . . but we also want to extend our vision to create all that can be expected in a chic and personalized library, from beautiful books and special editions to luxury gift items.”

© Assouline PublishingAssouline Custom Travel Library
This special gift from Neiman Marcus begins with a meeting with the Assoulines to decide on a style for the custom library. The publisher will then curate a collection of books, furniture, and one-of-a-kind objets d’art to create the perfect library for the gift recipient. Private airfare for the consultation is included, provided by Jet Linx.

© Canyon RanchYear of Wellness With Canyon Ranch — $345,000
Recognized as one of the top destinations for healthy living and holistic wellness, Canyon Ranch spa resorts is all about personal well-being. Best described by the company’s mission, “Canyon Ranch aims to inspire people to make a commitment to healthy living, turning hopes and intentions into the highest enjoyment of life.” From fitness to relaxation, the physicians, nutritionists, life coaches, and other experts at Canyon Ranch will help the Neiman’s gift recipient with whatever their wellness journey entails.

© Canyon RanchYear of Wellness With Canyon Ranch
This gift is available for only one recipient with a guest and features a yearlong wellness program for two that starts with a seven-night resort stay. Those experiencing this adventure will work with a team of experts to tailor individualized programs that include personal training, spa and beauty, nutrition and spiritual guidance. Three more weeklong checkups follow throughout the year, as well as monthly virtual consultations. After months of being stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this gift may be the ultimate getaway. Transportation will be provided by Jet Linx private jet.

© Oscar HeymanExotic Gems from Oscar Heyman Collection — $100,000 – $870,000
More than 100 years ago Oscar, Nathan and Harry Heyman emigrated from Latvia to establish Oscar Heyman and Brothers Jewelers in New York, specializing in platinum jewelry. In 1943 the company made its first sale to Neiman Marcus and has been a partner ever since. For this holiday season, Neiman Marcus offers one-of-a-kind rings from the Oscar Heyman collection — each featuring an exotic gem.

© Oscar HeymanExotic Gems from Oscar Heyman Collection
As a Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift, the following rings can be purchased separately, adorned with the associated gem: Alexandrite (3.11 carats) and diamond — $190,000; Paraiba Tourmaline (5.59 carats) and diamond — $140,000; Mandarin Garnet (13.58 carats) and diamond — $100,000; Opal (6.47 carats) and diamond — $130,000; Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl (10.26 carats) and diamond — $150,000; and last but not least a Star Ruby (12.92 carats), fancy yellow and white diamond — $160,000. The entire collection can be purchased for $870,000.

© Jonathan AdlerJonathon Adler Artful Additions — $145,000
Johnathon Adler creates luxurious, livable interiors considered modern American glamour. But Adler is first and foremost a potter, designer and author who launched his namesake brand after leaving his day job to pursue his first love: pottery. In 1993 Barneys bought his collection of pots, and five years later he opened his first store in Soho. As part of this year’s fantasy gift book, Neiman Marcus offers the opportunity to collaborate with Adler himself on the ultimate game room.

© Jonathan AdlerJonathon Adler Artful Additions
The recipient of this gift will work with Adler (via video chat) to develop a plan to transform a room of the recipient’s home into a one-of-a-kind gaming parlor. The transformation begins with a custom-made piece of hand-beaded artwork, designed by Adler and created by a master beader. Adler will then curate a collection of decor and games chosen to complement the recipient’s personal choices. A unique opportunity to create an escape in your own house. In addition to the donation to the Neiman Marcus foundation, Jonathan Adler will donate $10,000 to Aid to Artisans.

© Keith and JamesKeith and James Custom-Made Hats — $95,000
James Keith grew up in a small southern town in North Carolina where gentlemen never left home without a proper fedora. With a love of design and style, Keith set out to create his own line of quality hats, forming the Keith and James company. Keith and James fedoras quickly became sought after by both fashionistas and celebrities. Now one lucky shopper will be able to purchase a custom collection through the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.

© Keith and JamesKeith and James Custom-Made Hats
Working with partners Alvin and Calvin Waters, Keith and James is offering a signature collection of six custom-made hats designed in collaboration with the likes of Run-DMC, as well as globally renowned street artists such as Paul Gerben, PixelPancho, Man One, RISK, and Leroy Campbell. This exclusive gift also includes signature hatboxes and custom display cases, as well as a chance to chat virtually with James Keith. In addition to the donation to the Neiman Marcus foundation, Keith and James will make a donation to the Jam Master Jay Foundation.

© Montage HealdsburgMontage Healdsburg Weekend & Wine for a Year — $215,000
For the connoisseur of fine wine and food, this may be the ultimate gift. The recipient plus five guests will enjoy a five-night wine country escape at the all-new Montage Healdsburg resort (opening December 2020). Located in beautiful Sonoma, California, the Montage Healdsburg boasts 258-acres of rolling countryside complete with 15.5 acres of private vineyards and outdoor recreational experiences. Guests will stay in the mountain-top Guest House suite, enjoy treatments at Spa Montage and private dinners that include an evening at the Michelin 3-star SingleThread.

© Aperture WineryMontage Healdsburg Weekend & Wine for a Year
This extraordinary Neiman Marcus gift is further enhanced by time spent with Jesse Katz — considered a rock star in the wine world. The first vintner to be included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30, Katz learned his trade travelling the world with his father. This gift includes a tasting with Katz at Aperture Wine Cellars as well as a guided one-hour vineyard tour by helicopter. Even better, the gift keeps on giving with custom case of wine personally curated by Katz and delivered every month for a year, as well as an exclusive Coravin Wine Preservation System.

© Perini RanchPerini Ranch and Beef for a Year — $185,000
Back in 1959, one of the first fantasy gifts of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book was a full Black Angus steer. In that same vein, this 2020 gift is all about the beef. Tom Perini grew up on his family ranch, and in 1973 he turned his passion for ranching culture — and cuisine — into a celebrated career as America’s quintessential cowboy gourmet. The Perini Ranch Steakhouse located in the tiny town of Buffalo Gap, Texas, serves what is considered the best chuck wagon style food in America. And that means plenty of beef.

© Perini RanchPerini Ranch and Beef for a Year
The recipient of this exclusive gift and five guests will travel to Buffalo Gap via Jet Linx private jet for the ultimate ranch experience. During their 2-night stay, guests will meet the Perini family and learn firsthand about the ranching industry’s commitment to renewable energy and sustainable, ethical ranching practices. Guests will also get to prepare a meal with Tom Perini, learning about cuts, grades, aging and everything beef. During their stay, guests will also receive a custom pair of boots from bespoke boot brand Miron Crosby. This gift continues to keep on giving: it includes a year’s supply of signature beef tenderloin.

© Sheldon ChaletSheldon Chalet Alaska Experience — $345,000
More than 70 years ago, as pilot Don Sheldon mapped the Alaska Range he “discovered” a location 10 miles from the summit of Denali. The pilot built the historic Sheldon Mountain House in 1966, which was upgraded to the Chalet in 2018. This luxurious 2000-square-foot, five-bedroom luxury abode is only accessible by helicopter and offers stunning views from every side. This exclusive destination is now available via the 2020 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.

© Sheldon ChaletSheldon Chalet Alaska Experience
This gift invites the recipient and five additional guests to spend five nights in this not-so-rustic mountain house. In addition to enjoying the views and comfortable surroundings, guests will enjoy a private chef, a glacier exploration led by professional Denali guides and spectacular views day and night. As an added bonus, Sheldon will be on hand to discuss his family’s history in the region. Air travel on Jet Linx private jet service as well as helicopter transport are included. In addition to the donation to the Neiman Marcus foundation, the Sheldon Chalet will donate $5,000 to the Denali Education Center.

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