In the past all Mercedes-AMG SL vehicles have started their lives as everyday SL cars, they went to the AMG factory where they have been upgraded to become part of the iconic AMG family. After 70 years this is the first time that the SL AMG was developed from the ground up as an AMG. It is not the only first for this most iconic of sports cars. it is the first time that the Mercedes AMG puts its power down on the road with all-wheel drive

The firsts with the new Mercedes AMG SL keep coming. Rear-axle steering makes bobbing and weaving at top speed feel more like a flyweight boxer. With up to an estimated 577 HP and 0-60 mph of 3.5 seconds, the Mercedes AMG SL comes in two flavors: SL 55 and SL 63. The SL 63 is the most powerful, and at that point, you might as well indulge all the way.

There is more good news for this generation of AMG SL, the soft top is back. Although the myth says it is always sunny in California, when we tested it we did get a few specks of rain and some cooler weather, and because the sun only shines on TV Mercedes thought of everything

The exterior design of the new Mercedes AMG SL carries forward the iconic look of the brand but on a new path. Every SL before it has carved out a new look for itself. as has this SL. Now with a more powerful look from the bulges in the long hood, it has more room to become functional as an everyday driver.

The SL which stands for “super light” is even more fitting for this generation of the icon. Even though it has grown in size it is even more nimble than in the past. Not shaped to force itself to high speeds but to maneuver through the air with masterfully shaped aerodynamically designed body structures that came from extensive wind tunnel testing.

It feels like jumping forward 70 years when you get in the cockpit of the AMG SL. It’s so modern and everything tech is centered around the Mercedes MBUX system. Aeronautics was used in the design inspiration. Especially for those responsible for the interior with all elements drawing the eye back to the 11.9-inch screen placed in the center of the cockpit.

Everyone else’s eyes will be looking at the body, and then at the attractive person driving this AMG SL.

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