New 2022 Nissan Z // Highly anticipated, but will anyone buy it?

​The day is finally here. When I get to drive and talk about the brand-new Nissan Z, which is a brilliant car. We knew it would be, but Nissan has created a huge problem. The segment in which this car falls into is nobody’s buying. Amazing car, but is anyone going to buy it?
Spoiler alert when you know what I know about how amazing the Nissan Z is, the answer is yes. In fact, Nissan is going to have a hard time making enough. Big car, but the segment is small. According to JD Powers, the compact premium sports car segment is the smallest in the industry, but that is the genius of Nissan.
They can dominate sales of the market with the Nissan Z. When it comes to designing the brand new Z. Nissan had the best of every generation that came before but the headlights presented them with a very difficult problem. Traditionally the Z had had round headlights in the past, but they were a little too retro for the designers. So they took the original headlights from the S30, the 240Z, and they took the shape of where the headlights were embedded inside the S30. And they took the whole frame around the headlights and the portion of the actual embedding and they made the new headlight of this, the seventh generation of the Z.
At the back, you’ll instantly recognize the look from the 300ZX. Those shapes are reflected in the new design of the rear lights of the Z. Although Nissan has to overcome the challenge of finding chips to build this new Z. If they can do that, they have priced it between 10 and 15 thousand below some of the competition. Once you get behind the wheel and you drive this. You’ll probably agree with me. That it’s an absolute piece of engineering genius.

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