New GE Bulb 90 Percent Brighter

General Electric has developed a new halogen headlight, called the Nighthawk Platinum, that puts up to 90 percent more light on the road compared to new standard halogen headlights.

?These new high-performance headlights put more white light on the road,? says Dave Persing, market development manager, automotive lighting, GE. ?The new Nighthawk Platinum headlight produces a clean, white light for increased visibility so drivers can drive with confidence.?

Whiter light can improve visibility by providing better contrast for street signs and lines on the road. The Nighthawk Platinum bulbs have a partial blue coating near the tip of the lamp to filter out some yellow light wavelengths, making the light whiter without diminishing light output. The partial blue coating ultimately creates a white light instead of a blue light that results from bulbs completely coated in blue.

The Nighthawk Platinum bulbs, DOT- and SAE-compliant, project additional light downward toward the road, not up into the eyes of on-coming drivers. Designed with driver convenience and visibility in mind, the bulbs are simple to install, requiring no wiring changes, and will replace standard halogen lamps. ?The bulbs use the same electrical power as standard lights, generating no additional heat. The rated life of Nighthawk Platinum bulbs varies, but they generally last several years, depending on the type of bulb and how often the bulb is in use, and it meets the Society of Automotive Engineers? guidelines.

The replacement bulbs are priced at $60 per set and are available at and at select retailers.

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