Pirelli Adds Its First-Ever All-Weather Tire Line

© PirelliNew Rubber From Pirelli
An Italian company celebrating its sesquicentennial, Pirelli built its reputation manufacturing and marketing high-performance tires, often found on some of the most exotic sports cars, motorcycles and bicycles in the world. But the Italian company also makes a range of tires for everyday vehicles, and that line expands now with the introduction of the first Pirelli all-weather tire called WeatherActive.

© PirelliFor North America
“The introduction of the WeatherActive confirms our strategy of developing more products specifically for the North American consumers, that usually drive in a variety of weather conditions and want to have the peace of mind to count on just one type of tires,” said Claudio Zanardo, CEO of Pirelli North America. “The WeatherActive range offers excellent performance no matter the weather, together with great mileage. And this is what American consumers are looking for,” observed Zanardo.

© PirelliFour-Season Capability
Pirelli has created this new range of tires to provide excellent performance and a smooth ride in any weather condition, providing proper grip on wet roads and peak traction in the snow. A true four-season tire, the WeatherActive range gets a Three Peak Mountain Snowflake rating, certifying that it can handle full-on wintry conditions. The tires accomplish this thanks to a new compound technology designed to enhance the tread’s pliability in cold temperatures. In addition, Pirelli incorporates highly functionalized polymers in the production process to improve performance in wet and snow.

© PirelliYear-Round Performance
Pirelli engineers developed the new WeatherActive tire line specifically for the North American market, allowing customers to leave the same high-performance tires on their vehicles year-round, achieving a solid, quiet ride and optimal handling in a variety of conditions. A special tread design also gives the tire a more uniform stiffness for a regular wear pattern and increased durability.

© PirelliFor Car or SUV
Two versions of the new WeatherActive tire will be offered: Cinturato WeatherActive available in 16 sizes for sedans and coupes, as well as Scorpion for SUVs and light trucks, which is available in 23 sizes. A 60,000-mile limited treadwear warranty comes with all WeatherActive tires. Pirelli sees the Acura RDX, BMW 330i, Audi Q5 and GMC Yukon (among others) as ideal candidates for this new tire line.

© PirelliPartnering With Athletes
To showcase the wide-ranging abilities of this new all-weather tire, Pirelli has teamed with four athletes — runner Mirna Valerio, race car driver Lindsay Brewer, Olympic gold-medal-winning snowboarder Hannah Teter and surfer Austin Keen. Each has experienced the tires in different situations, from snowy mountains to sandy beaches. Pirelli will use their experiences in a social media campaign to introduce the company’s newest tire.

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