Polestar 5: A Sneak Peek at Luxurious Sustainability

© PolestarPolestar 5
A few years ago, Volvo premiered Polestar as a separate brand of electrified vehicles, launching with the innovative Polestar 1 grand touring coupe. (Prior to becoming a separate brand, the name Polestar had been exclusively associated with high-performance Volvos.) Since the rebranding, the company has introduced the all-electric Polestar 2 sedan and hinted at an upcoming Polestar 3 crossover. Looking even further into the future, last year the company introduced the Polestar Precept, and recently the EV brand announced that this sexy, electric 4-door grand tourer will go into production as the Polestar 5.

© PolestarBehind the Scenes
Polestar has been documenting the road from Precept to production model in a YouTube series, with the latest installment previewing the final design for Polestar 5. “With the Precept documentary series, we are intentionally doing something car companies usually don’t — going behind the scenes with transparency as we turn this stunning concept car into production reality. It makes me very proud to see how much of the concept car’s design is making it into the Polestar 5 — a great achievement by our designers and engineers alike,” said Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO.

© PolestarPrecept Concept
The Polestar Precept concept is a full-electric 4-door grand tourer that sports a low, sleek silhouette, further emphasized a 120-inch wheelbase. With fastback styling, the glass roof stretches from the top of the windshield to the rear decklid. This long vehicle provides space for a large battery pack as well as an expansive rear seat. The same shape carries through to the production Polestar 5.

© PolestarSustainable
In keeping with Polestar’s sustainability goals, the interior of the Precept uses new materials designed to lower the vehicle’s environmental impact. Interior panels and seatbacks are created from flax-based composites, which not only provide up to an 80 percent reduction in plastic waste, they also offer a 50 percent weight savings over more common materials.

© PolestarRecycled Materials
Instead of using typical leather for seat surfaces, the Precept’s seats are constructed with a 3D-knitted material sourced from recycled PET bottles, while the bolsters and head restraints are made from recycled cork vinyl. The carpeting is created from reclaimed fishing nets. Polestar sees these sustainable materials as the future of luxury vehicle interiors. Although Polestar hasn’t discussed exact details of the upcoming Polestar 5, we expect many of these materials will be used in the final product.

© PolestarAndroid Operating System
Like the Polestar 2, the Precept’s infotainment system is powered by Google’s Android operating system, which capitalizes on Polestar’s close relationship with Google. The centerpiece of this system is a 15-inch vertical touchscreen display that complements a 12.5-inch driver display. The Android system is designed to provide high levels of seamless personalization.

© PolestarSmartZone
Since it is an all-electric vehicle, the Precept (and thus the Polestar 5) has no need for airflow through a front grille to cool a hot-running internal-combustion engine, so the Precept uses this space for what the company refers to as the Polestar SmartZone. Behind a transparent panel sit two radar sensors and a high-definition camera, providing data to the safety and driver-assistance systems. Flanking this “grille” are the latest evolution of Volvo’s iconic Thor’s Hammer headlights. At the rear, a light blade spans the entire width of the vehicle.

© PolestarAerodynamics
Aerodynamics are extremely important for improving the overall efficiency and range of an electric vehicle. To this end, the Polestar Precept concept features an integrated front wing placed above the SmartZone, which is designed to accelerate airflow over the long hood and improve efficiency. The trailing edges of the rear quarter panels and decklid create an aero wing, further aiding aerodynamics. Small cameras mounted on aerodynamic arms replace typical side mirrors on the concept; however, the production version will have regular mirrors. From the single image we’ve seen of the Polestar 5, the level of aerodynamics should be similar to the Precept.

© PolestarComing in 2024
The all-new Polestar 5 is scheduled to launch in 2024, following the introduction of the Polestar 3 — which should arrive next year.

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