Polestar 5 Up and Running at Goodwood

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Premium electric-vehicle brand Polestar currently offers one model, the Polestar 2 — a high-performance, all-wheel drive, full-electric 4-door hatchback. However, the Swedish company has already announced plans for the Polestar 3 and Polestar 4 crossovers to arrive in the next few years, as well as a new flagship, the Polestar 5 GT. At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in England, Polestar provided a sneak peek at the new Polestar 5 —a flagship model with sleek styling that sports a new 884-horsepower electric powertrain.

© PolestarRunning at Goodwood
The development prototype that Polestar brought to this well-known UK event celebrating the history of vehicular speed is not simply eye candy. The Polestar 5 prototype will be driven up the iconic Goodwood hill twice daily during the event in the “First Glance” group.

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“Polestar 5 is shaping up to be a superb 4-door GT and a true Polestar at heart,” said Head of Polestar UK R&D Pete Allen. “The platform combines low-volume performance car attributes with modern technological advances to bring light-weight, high-rigidity sports car chassis technology into mass production,” Allen said.

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The Polestar 5 is completely new from the ground up. The company’s engineering team in the UK has been developing a new bonded aluminum chassis for the vehicle, designed to deliver outstanding driving dynamics to match the high-performance electric powertrain.

© PolestarPowerful Motors
Power for the new Polestar 5 comes from an all-new electric powertrain developed by Polestar in Sweden. Built with an 800-volt architecture, the Polestar 5 will feature dual electric motors — one in front, with a more powerful motor at the rear — with a total output of 884 horsepower and 663 lb-ft of torque.

© PolestarNew Benchmark
“The new powertrain we are working on will set a new brand benchmark in our high-performing cars,” said Polestar’s CTO and Head of R&D Jorg Brandscheid. “Combining strong electric motor engineering ability with advances in light-weight platform technology is leading to truly stunning driver’s cars,” Brandscheid noted.

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Styling of the new Polestar 5 is based on the Precept concept shown last fall. The Polestar Precept concept is a 4-door grand tourer that sports a low, sleek silhouette further emphasized by a 120-inch wheelbase. With fastback styling, its glass roof stretches from the top of the windshield to the rear decklid. This long vehicle provides space for a large battery pack as well as an expansive rear seat. The same shape carries through to the production Polestar 5.

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In keeping with Polestar’s sustainability goals, the interior of the Precept uses new materials designed to lower the vehicle’s environmental impact. Interior panels and seatbacks are manufactured from flax-based composites that not only provide up to an 80 percent reduction in plastic waste, they also offer a 50 percent weight savings over more common materials. We fully expect this sustainability will continue in the production version of the Polestar 5.

© PolestarAndroid Operating System
Like the Polestar 2, the Precept’s infotainment system is powered by the Google Android operating system, which capitalizes on Polestar’s close relationship with tech giant. The centerpiece of this system is a 15-inch vertical touchscreen display that complements a 12.5-inch driver display. The Android system is designed to provide high levels of seamless personalization. Polestar already integrates the Android operating system into the Polestar 2.

© PolestarComing in 2024
“Polestar 5 is a company-defining project. Its progressive design and advanced engineering set the tone for Polestar’s future,” said Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO. “We have great talent on board enabling us to create truly iconic EVs,” Ingenlath said. The all-new Polestar 5 is scheduled to launch in 2024, following the introduction of the Polestar 3 and Polestar 4 electric crossover SUVs.

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