Polestar O2 Concept (With Drone): First Look

© PolestarNew Polestar Concept
In 2017 Polestar launched the Polestar 1, a hybrid-electric coupe and the inaugural vehicle of a new premium electric vehicle brand of the Volvo Group. Two years later Polestar unveiled the full-electric Polestar 2 performance sedan — the brand’s current offering. Since then Polestar has announced three more new vehicles in the works, including two crossovers and a flagship sedan arriving in the next few years. But there had been no hint of a sports car as a possible new model — until now. Today Polestar debuts the Polestar O2 Concept: an all-electric 4-seat roadster.

© PolestarFuture Potential
“Polestar O2 is the hero car for our brand,” noted Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath. “It opens the door to our secret chamber of future potential. This is a taste of what we can design and engineer with the talent and technology we have in-house. It looks incredible and being able to lower the roof and not hear an engine promises a superb sensation,” Ingenlath exclaimed.

© PolestarEvolving Design Language
This is the second concept vehicle created by Polestar; first concept honors go to the Precept that debuted last year. The O2 features styling similar to the Precept but adapted for a sleeker body design. Like a proper sports car, the O2 is low and wide with an aggressive stance. The short front and rear overhangs and longer wheelbase provide classic sports car proportions, further emphasized by 22-inch wheels.

© PolestarRetractable Hardtop
When the hardtop is closed, the O2 features a sharp silhouette that smoothly flows from the top of the windshield to the taillights. The top features a panoramic glass roof so even while closed it permits plenty of natural light within the cabin. When it’s time to enjoy some open-air motoring, the hardtop folds out of sight below the rear deck.

© PolestarNew Era for Sports Cars
“Polestar O2 is our vision of a new era for sports cars. By mixing the joy of open top driving with the purity of electric mobility, it unlocks a new mix of emotions in a car,” said Polestar Head of Design Maximilian Missoni. “But as with all our cars, we are about more than just straight-line sprints. It’s when you turn the steering wheel that the true fun begins,” Missoni enthused.

© PolestarSustainability Showcase
Not only is the Polestar O2 a vision of an electric sports car, the brand has also created this concept as a showcase of sustainability. Soft interior components are made from recycled polyester including foam, adhesive and knit fibers. This reduces waste while simplifying the future recycling potential for these materials. Polestar also uses a thermoplastic mono-material to manufacture multiple interior components.

© PolestarGraded Aluminum Frame
The Polestar O2’s chassis is formed with of multiple grades of aluminum that provide a lighter, stiffer architecture. All grades of aluminum in the chassis are meticulously labeled, allowing them to be properly recycled when the time comes.

© PolestarPerformance
Although Polestar has not provided any details regarding the O2’s powertrain, one might surmise that it would have a system similar to the one in the current Polestar 2. By extrapolation this would mean the open-top roadster might feature all-wheel drive and generate at least 400 horsepower — certainly appropriate for an open-top sports car.

© PolestarIntegrated Drone
As if this electric roadster concept isn’t cool enough, the O2 comes with an autonomous cinematic drone installed behind the rear seats. When the vehicle is in motion, a special airfoil rises from the rear deck to provide a pocket of calm air for the drone at liftoff. The drone operates autonomously, following the car at speeds up to 56 mph while filming via a number of user-selected configurations. When filming finishes, the drone can land back on the moving car. Once the O2 parks, video can be edited on the car’s 15-inch center display and shared on social media.

© PolestarAdding to the Experience
“We wanted to emphasize the experience you can have with a car like the Polestar O2 in new and unusual ways,” added Maximilian Missoni. “Integrating an autonomous cinematic drone was something that allowed us to push the boundaries on the innovation front. Not needing to stop and off-load the drone before filming, but rather deploying it at speed, is a key benefit to this innovative design,” Missoni noted.

© PolestarStill a Concept
Even though the Polestar O2 looks ready for production, unfortunately this model is still a concept vehicle. Polestar has not announced any plans that would place this unique vehicle in showrooms anytime soon.


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