“R” is for FasteR, 2010 Jaguar XF-R

There really is something special about a Jaguar. And when a Jaguar carries the company’s special “R” designation, you know you’re getting the best performance available.

?The XF-R is Jaguar’s dedicated Sports Sedan. The XF was launched in 2009, and the new 2011 version has pumped up the performance to a breathtaking 510 horsepower with a five-liter supercharged V8 engine.

?The transmission is a six-speed automatic with paddle shifters, and a Sport mode that shifts gears for speed like a race car.

?Like all Jaguars, the XF-R features rear wheel drive, which is great for sporty driving.

?The suspension on the XF-R is independent at all four wheels, and features Jaguar’s adaptive dynamics electronic controls.

?The XF-R is roomy, comfortable, and has every piece of modern technology you might want: GPS navigation, hands-free cell phone support, backup camera, heated and air-conditioned leather seats, and adaptive cruise control.

?One feature that you will love is a blind spot monitor mounted in the side mirrors. This radar-activated device tells you when there’s another car in your blind spot, which is a great safety feature.?

?One of the fun things about the XF-R is that the dash vents open up and the gear selector dial rises up out of the console when you start up the car. It feels like the whole car comes alive when you press the start button.

?The XF-R is an all-around fun car to drive. If you really put your foot in it, there’s very little on the road that can keep up. Yet even with 510 supercharged horsepower, the XF-R earns 21 miles per gallon on the highway, and an average of 17 miles per gallon over all.

Talking price the Jaguar XF-R starts at $79,150, but it’s hard to match the level of performance and luxury from any other automaker for that price.

If you?re shopping the same price range for a high-powered BMW or Audi, you should take a good look at the 2011 Jaguar XF-R.

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