Rumors of smaller Mercedes SLS

Now that Mercedes-Benz has started selling the new generation gull-wing, the SLS AMG, the rumors have them building a smaller version codenamed SLV. According to Motor Trend, the ?V? stands for variable body styles, and as such could be configured as a coupe, convertible, roadster or even shooting brake (wagon).
The rumor has the SLV powered by a twin-turbo, direct-injection V-6 with up 406 horsepower driving a new nine-speed transmission that uses a wet double-clutch unit instead of the traditional torque converter. As long as we are repeating rumors, the say a 75-hp electric motor could be integrated into the transmission.
To control costs the front of the aluminum spaceframe SLS and suspension would be used. Nothing was said about gull-wing doors on the SLV.
If it is all true we may see the Baby SLS as soon as 2014, coming as a joint effort between Magna Steyr and Mercedes AMG.

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