Rumors: Porsche is Planning a 4-door Panamera Convertible

Porsche may be planning to build a four-door version of the new Panamera sedan, says AutoWeek.? Despite inside claims that the car had been canceled, the magazine obtained copies of the European and U.S. patent applications filed in February 2010.??The drawings show a design without a traditional B-pillar, which means extensive stiffening of the Panamera floorpan and bulkheads would be required to ensure sufficient structural rigidity and integrity. The head of Porsche?s new parent company, Volkswagen Chairman of the Board Martin Winterkorn, is said to be a big supporter of the new car, according to the AutoWeek report.? The patent applications did not indicate a fabric or metal roof, but the short rear end would suggest a traditional fabric top.? Other reports posted on the Internet indicate a targa style top is also being considered.

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