Run to the Sun — Suzuki Kizashi (Custom)


Imagine driving a very cool new car for a distance between 9 to 25 miles, getting out and then into another very cool car for another 9 to 25 mile leg and then repeating the same routine through 23 cars in a two day period.


Welcome to the 2010 NWAPA (Northwest Automotive Press Association) Run to the Sun, held recently in Western Washington.? After driving 23 cars and more than 450 miles, here are our quick impressions of the Suzuki Kizashi.

In its native dress, the Suzuki Kizashi is an impressive sport sedan — It?s fun to drive, fairly quick (0 to 60 mph in 7.2 seconds) and well designed.? The Suzuki PR team wanted to demonstrate the possibilities of the car by bringing a turbo project car to the ?Run?.? They had Road Race Motorsport do a little work to create a car referred to as a pre-production Kizashi GTS.? With some engine modifications, turbocharger and intercooler, the engine is bumped from 175-hp to 290-hp. The Kizashi GTS is not a comfortable car ? it?s rough riding and loud, but it?s fast and handles beautifully.? It?s a great demonstration of what can be done to a good basic sport sedan with a little extra cash.? Kizashi also made the news in August, when a specially prepared Kizashi made a couple of runs at the Bonneville Salt Flat with an average speed of just over 203 mph.

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