RV Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

© Personalization MallRV Lovers Holiday Gift Guide
Winter is nigh, days are short, and it’s the time of year when thoughts turn to holiday gifts for friends and family. If someone in your life has an RV and loves to get away from it all, the following suggestions offer some great gift ideas. Many of these gifts will work for folks with RVs of any size or type — from Class A behemoths designed for extended road trips to pop-up travel trailers for weekend warriors. And RVers will appreciate the thought since these gifts align with their love of camping and will rekindle a desire to get on the road again. (Please note prices and quantities vary; accurate at publication.)

© CabelasPortable Propane Firepit
Outland Mega Firebowl — $259.99 at Cabelas.com
Other Retailers: Lowes.com, HomeDepot.com, Amazon.com, Outlandliving.com
Firepits and bowls can turn any campsite into a party place — especially if there is a campfire ban in force. Pits and bowls can be fueled by wood or propane, and are available at myriad price points. Other considerations include storage space in the RV and amount of warmth desired. The Outland Mega Firebowl delivers 58,000 BTUs of propane heat, so it actually warms the area directly around it. This steel unit has a pre-attached hose, regulator and a cover.

© PersonalizationMall.comPersonalized Doormat
Happy Campers 18X27-inch door mat — $22.99 (on sale) at Personalizationmall.com
Other Retailers: Zazzle.com, Etsy.com, Amazon.com
What RVer wouldn’t appreciate a personalized doormat? Mats are essential tools for keeping RV floors clean, and a personalized one makes the gift even more special. And the message does not even have to be personally identifiable information; it could also be a command such as “Wipe Your Feet!” or a statement such as “Hi, I’m Mat.”

© GarminRV-Specific GPS
Garmin RV 890 — from $399.99 at Amazon.com
Other Retailers: Garmin.com, BHphotovideo.com, Crutchfield.com
An RV-specific GPS system can bring peace of mind to trip planning, especially for those traveling in larger RVs. Enter the dimensions of a particular RV into the unit and only navigable roads and trip routes that will accommodate that size of RV appear on the display. Garmin units have either a 7-inch (785) or 8-inch (890) high-resolution screen and include a dash cam, voice-guided directions, road hazard alerts and apps for pairing with cellphones.

© ALPS MountaineeringFolding Camp Table
ALPS Mountaineering dining table — $89.00–109.99 at Alpsbrands.com
Other Retailers: Cabelas.com, Amazon.com, REI.com
Folding camp tables are a boon to RVers. The tables are lightweight and store easily, and they help define outdoor spaces with plenty of versatility for eating, playing games and performing many tasks that would otherwise be done on the ground. Folding camp tables are available in many styles and materials. We recommend metal ones for their strength, durability and ease of cleaning.

© CAMCO ManufacturingWater Pressure Regulator
CAMCO Regulator — $8.88 at Amazon.com
Other Retailers: ACEhardware.com. Walmart.com, CampingWorld.com
Water pressure regulators are nifty gadgets that have standard garden hose attachments on each end and get placed inline to control the flow rate from campsite water hookups to an RV’s plumbing system, keeping it safe from too much pressure. Typically made from plastic or brass, regulators come with or without a dial for pressure readout. We recommend regulators with dials for folks who need to know exact values — you know who you are. Pressure regulators also make great stocking stuffers.

© Sensored Life MarCELLTemperature Monitor
MarCELL Pro 4G Multisensor — $198 at MeetMarCELL.com
Other Brands: Nimble, LaCrosse, SensorPush
A temp and humidity monitor is a super gift for RVers who take family pets along on trips. Pets are usually with their caretakers nonstop during campground stays, but there are always brief periods when Fido or Fluffy might need to be left alone inside an RV. A temp sensor brings peace of mind in those instances, and quite literally can be the difference between life and death. Monitors that use cellular networks instead of Wi-Fi — such as the MarCELL — require a monthly subscription.

© Eagles Nest OutfittersCamp Hammock
Eagles Nest Outfitters Doublenest — $69.95 at Cabelas.com
Other Retailers: Overstock.com, DicksSportingGoods.com, REI.com
Hammocks can be a fun way to relax on an RV / camping trip. If storage is not a big concern, a hammock with a freestanding frame is an immersive way to get your swing on. For those RVs with space limitations, a sling hammock is typically the way to go. And with so many styles, colors and materials, hammock options are practically endless.

© Lee ValleyWater Supply Y
Y Shut-Off Valve — $27.50 at LeeValley.com
Other Retailers: Grainger.com, Walmart.com, Lowes.com, Amazon.com
A two-way valve or Y is an amazingly helpful tool for campers when connecting an RV’s plumbing system to a campsite water supply. Putting a two-way Y at the spigot allows one side to send water to the RV, and the other can function for any number of purposes from washing hands or sandy feet to filling water balloons. Some Y valves have small knobs to turn the water flow on and off; we recommend ones with larger levers or handles that make operation a breeze — especially for campers with little fingers.

© ColemanSingle Burner Butane Stove
Coleman Butane Stove — $34.95 at REI.com
Other Retailers: Walmart.com, Amazon.com
A single-burner stove that runs on butane or propane can be a convenient addition to any RV kit. This self-contained unit can be placed on a picnic table or other flat camp surface. Super convenient for meals out of doors, the stove keeps sauces or seconds warm during dinner. This Coleman has matchless lighting, fits a 10-inch pan and includes a case for easy storage.

© CAMCO ManufacturingPower Cords
CAMCO 50-ft. 30-amp cord — $95.30 at HomeDepot.com
Other Retailers: CampingWorld.com, Amazon.com, AceHardware.com
Power cords and extension cords are incredibly useful gifts for those who love to RV and camp. Like hammocks or outdoor rugs, power cords come in all sizes, shapes, lengths and colors. Cords also vary in terms of volt rating, amperage, plug configuration and such, so it is a good idea to know which cord the gift recipient’s RV requires. We like the CAMCO for its comfort and convenience features including 90-degree heads that take pressure off the cord at the plug, as well as integrated handles to remove plugs easily.

© Tri-LynxLeveling Systems
Various types, various price points
The surface grading at every campsite (and boondock) is different, so leveling blocks, pads and chocks are extremely important implements of the RVer’s arsenal. Products from CAMCO (about $40) or Tri-Lynx (about $30) are inexpensive plastic pads that can be combined to level any RV on a multitude of surfaces. For tech junkies who want to get more sophisticated and exacting, the LogicBlue Technology LevelMate Pro ($144.99 at Amazon.com) and Pro+ ($179.99 at Amazon.com) are wireless vehicle leveling systems that dynamically display leveling information about your RV (including towables!) as the rig pulls into its designated site. The app can be run on smartphones, and the Pro+ can even be run on an Apple Watch.

© Progressive InternationalCollapsible Dish Drainer
Progressive Prep Solutions swivel spout $27.97 at CampingWorld.com
Other Retailers: Amazon.com, Walmart.com, GanderOutdoors.com
No matter what size the kitchen or galley area within an RV, there is always room for improvement to maximize both counter and cabinet space. A collapsible dish drainer helps on both counts. This particular one pulls dual duty as both a catch basin and dish drainer — eliminating the need for two bulky countertop items — and its compact size saves cabinet space when stored.

© Cobra FRSHandheld Radio or Walkie-Talkie
Cobra ACXT645 — $74.99 at CobraFRS.com
Other Retailers: Walmart.com, Cabelas.com, Amazon.com
Cobra is a well-known name for value-priced walkie-talkies and handheld radios. The ACXT645 has notable features at a decent price point, including a 35-mile range, water resistance, built-in LED flashlights and more than 3,000 channels to make sure your private camp conversations — the majority likely consisting of “Where you at?” — remain private. (Bonus: Walkies are great for keeping track of kids who haven’t graduated to cell phones yet.)

© AirstreamCampfire Mug
Airstream Mug — $10 at Airstreamsupplycompany.com
Other Retailers: REI.com, CampingWorld.com, Walmart.com
Camp mugs are an important component of any tried-and-true RVer’s kit. And mugs can be more than simple vessels for holding liquids. They say something about who we are, our sense of humor, our approach to life, and — depending on size — our capacity for coffee (or cocoa) consumption. This Airstream mug comes in two colors (blue, white) and commemorates the day in 1947 that professional French cyclist Alfred Letourneur famously towed a 22-foot Airstream trailer by bicycle at the Metropolitan Airport in Van Nuys, California.

© ZORORoof Repair Tape
EternaBond repair kit $25.40 at Zoro.com
Other Retailers: Walmart.com, Amazon.com, HomeDepot.com
Quite literally the bane of camping, sudden rainwater and moisture intrusion into an RV of any type spells trouble. And when a tree branch pokes a hole in a roof, these tape-based products can provide a temporary solution until the unit can be examined and repaired permanently. Repair tapes are a great stocking stuffer that brings instant preemptive peace of mind regarding roof leaks. These kits are said to repair almost any RV surface that has minor holes or cracks, but remember — a tape repair is a temporary solution.

© ScrubbaPersonal Washing Machine
Scrubba — $49 at REI.com
Other Retailers: TheScrubba.com, Eartheasy.com, Amazon.com
Scrubba dub dubs this the “world’s smallest washing machine.” A clever tool that works well not only for RVers but also college students, hotel travelers and tiny-home dwellers, the Scrubba is a quick, convenient, compact way to keep clothes clean while at the campsite or on the road with no access to conventional machines. The bag’s internal washboard helps get dirty clothes clean. Scrubba also has a wash and dry kit for about $100 that not only washes clothes but also gives you the tools to dry them as efficiently as possible without electricity.

© CAMCO ManufacturingScissor Jack Socket
CAMCO Scissor Jack Socket — $6.70 at Walmart.com
Other Retailers: CampingWorld.com, Amazon.com, AceHardware.com
For those RVers who have trailers with scissor-jack levelers, your days of backbreaking hand-cranking are over. These nifty sockets can be inserted into cordless drills for easy trailer leveling. Another great stocking stuffer at a fantastic price point — buy two since they’re small and easily misplaced.

© VremiCountertop Icemaker
Vremi icemaker — $124.99 at Vremi.com
Other Retailers: Amazon.com
An icemaker is a super addition to any RVer’s arsenal. Cold cubes are always in great demand and short supply on hot summer days in camp, so being able to make your own rather than head to a store saves time and money. (In fact, icemakers practically pay for themselves over one summer of use.) Even owners of massive Class A motorhomes that contain residential-size freezers can use one of these makers, since extra ice is always a welcome addition at summer afternoon margarita mixers under a shady awning with new friends.

© FurrionBackup Camera
Furrion Vision S 4.3 — $433.95 at Amazon.com
Other Retailers: CampingWorld.com, etrailer.com, Furrion.com
A backup camera can be a literal lifesaver for the RVer. Although they are not inexpensive, these cameras pack in a lot of features and they are a boon to RVers everywhere, helping them negotiate tight campsites, store parking lots and gas stations. So when you think about it, one bumper or taillight not crunched means the Furrion can pay for itself pretty quickly. The Furrion Vision S provides long-range signal strength and a 120-degree view to the rear, as well as a microphone and motion detection to auto-awake the display.

© Prest-O-FitWeatherproof RV Rugs
Prest-O-Fit 6X9 rug — $54.04 at Amazon.com
Other Brands: Fab Habitat, CAMCO, CGear Multimat, Reversible Mats
Weatherproof rugs pull dual duty: they help keep the interior of an RV clean as well as define an outdoor space for relaxing next to an RV while in camp. Rugs come in myriad shapes, sizes, materials and colors. Choose one that will not present storage problems for the RVer and also complements the color scheme of the vehicle, aesthetically speaking. A final note: for those who like to RV and camp in sandy locations: specific sand-sifting mats, such as the ones from CGear, are cool gifts but they cost a bit more than run-of-the-mill rugs.

© ColemanRubber Mallet
Coleman Mallet — $21.99 at Cabelas.com
Other Retailers: TOOLSiD.com, Amazon.com, LMCshop.com
Rubber mallets are a great tool for an RVers kit, providing myriad uses from driving in sunshade or tent stakes to convincing stubborn wrenches to turn. Many mallet makes, models and materials mean plenty of choices are available for the discerning RVer.

© Magma ProductsNesting Cookware Sets
Magma nesting cookware — $229.99 at Camperid.com
Other Retailers: CampingWorld.com, Amazon.com, Westmarine.com
Nesting pots and pans are perfect for small RVs and trailers. A gift that keeps on giving, kitchenware that makes RV living simpler will surely be appreciated season after season. Magma cookware is designed specifically for RV use so it stands up to induction cooktops. The set includes 3 saucepans with an interchangeable lid, a 5-quart stock pot and a saute / fry pan also with interchangeable lids, two removable handles and bungee cord for storage. Perfect for Ho Ho home cookin’!

© The NOCO CompanyLithium Battery Jump-Starter
NOCO Boost Pro GB150 3000 Amp 12-Volt — $299.95 at Amazon.com
Other Retailers: AutoZone.com, Walmart.com
Having one of these units on hand can be a lifesaver for jumpstarting dead RV or truck batteries at campsites — and anywhere else, for that matter. NOCO makes many models at various price points; the GB150 is a strong unit that can jump-start gas engines up to 9 liters and diesel engines up to 7 liters. The units are super simple to use and hold enough charge for a few jumps before requiring recharging. Getting one of these for an RVer is a super helpful gift. And anyone who brandishes a jump-starter in times of need will be the hero of the campground.

© HibotecMotion-Sensing LED Lights
HIBOITEC 20 LED 3-pack — $34.99 at Amazon.com
Other Retailers: Walmart.com, Lowes.com, HomeDepot.com
Motion sensing lights are great for illuminating dark cabinets in RV galleys, closets as well as storage compartments. Lights are available at many retailers and come in a variety of styles (puck, strip), sizes and lumens. We recommend ones with rechargeable batteries and magnetic strips to hold them in place. When the lights lose power they can be easily removed and then recharged via a USB cable.

© Stromberg Carlson ProductsCampsite Clothesline
Stromberg Carlson Bumper Clothesline — $24.97 at CampingWorld.com
Other Retailers: HomeDepot.com, GanderOutdoors.com, CamperID.com
Every RVer knows that finding space for clothes drying — be it from actual washing or simply drying things out such as swimsuits, towels or tablecloths after a rainstorm — can be a puzzle for many campers. On top of that, oftentimes campgrounds will not allow campers to string lines from trees or other structures, so having a self-contained clothesline may be the only way to go at the KOA.

© Wish.comRV-Related Lawn Decorations
Seasonal Creations Inflatable Christmas Camper — $150 at Wish.com
Other Retailers: HalloweenBlowups.com, HomeDepot.com, Amazon.com
This gift is sure to light up any hardcore RVer’s holiday — and their lawn. Blow-up inflatables such as this one of a Santa, trailer, reindeer and gifts are kitschy, fun ways to add holiday cheer to the front yard — or campsite. This particular one is eight-feet wide, self-inflates and has integrated LED lighting so Santa and trailer dazzle this holiday season — or any time of year.

© Catalyst Group LimitedHeadlamp
SLONIK rechargeable 2x CREE LED headlamp — $35.99 at Amazon.com
Useful in all kinds of situations from the dreaded late-night camp setups to midnight snipe hunts, headlamps come in many styles, powers and sizes. The SLONIK has a durable, waterproof metal housing, a rechargeable 2200 mAh battery, a power-level indicator and a handy carry pouch.

© CAMCO ManufacturingT-Level
CAMCO T-Level — $3.50 at Home Depot.com
Other Retailers: Amazon.com, Walmart.com
Perhaps the most inexpensive gift on this list, a T-level is a boon to anyone who has ever attempted to level a travel trailer upon arrival at camp. Resting the T-level on a horizontal surface of the frame near the trailer tongue will help whoever is adjusting the tongue jack to get the trailer level front to back. And once the stabilizer jacks have touched down, the T-level can also help with small side-to-side adjustments.

© Instant PotInstant Pot
Instant Pot 6-quart Duo Nova — $59.99 at Amazon.com
Other Retailers: Macys.com, BestBuy.com, Williams-Sonoma.com
Okay, we admit this item is not simply a great gift for RVers — it’s a great gift for almost anyone. The Instant Pot is a versatile kitchen tool, and its compact size makes it a smart addition to any RV kitchen. The new Duo Nova goes the Instant Pot one better with an easier steam release button and a new status indicator. When in camp, a one-pot meal-maker like the Instant Pot means the cook gets more time to enjoy the reasons we go Rving and camping in the first place.

© Personalization MallPersonalized Trailer Ornament
Holiday Trailer $13.99 at PersonalizationMall.com
Perhaps no other gift captures and combines the joys of family RVing with the holidays more than a personalized travel trailer ornament. This one can be customized with up to 18 characters. It comes with a hanging ribbon as well as a velvet bag for safe storage year ‘round.

© Zamp SolarPortable Solar Power Kit
Zamp OBSIDIAN SERIES 45-watt solar kit — $349.99 at Store.ZampSolar.com
This ingenious new kit from Zamp Solar of Bend, Oregon, is a great addition to any RVer’s camp setup, whether off-grid or on. The self-contained kit includes a solar panel, all wiring hookups, a charge controller and a case that functions as a stand for the panel. The lightweight unit works well for small RVs thanks to its compact size, and for small power applications or as additional power for larger existing solar systems.

© HallmarkRV Tree Ornament
Cousin Eddie RV Ornament — $17.99 at Hallmark.com
Other Retailers: Kohls.com, Amazon.com, Walmart.com
What self-respecting RVer or holiday movie buff wouldn’t love getting this tiny replica of Cousin Eddie’s RV from the movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” This Hallmark “That’s An RV” ornament is complete with rust spots, string lights and wreath on the door (Santa and reindeer on the roof are a Hallmark addition.) Of course it’s not the most practical gift for an RVer, but the little chuckle it might bring upon opening is a pretty special thing, especially these days. Happy Holidays everyone.

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