Test Drive: Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

Sep 11, 2011 | 1:47am

Imagine an SUV that accelerates from 0 to 60 in 6.1 seconds, has a top speed of 150 mph and handles like a Porsche. ?In […]

Porsche Has Plans to Double Sales by 2018

Mar 2, 2011 | 1:46am

New Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller has plans to more than double sales of Porsche performance vehicles to more than 200,000 units by 2018.? The company […]

Test Drive: 2011 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

Nov 22, 2010 | 3:23pm

Cayenne S Hybrid German company?s First Production Hybrid The Porsche Cayenne, in its various forms has sold more than 250 thousand units globally since the […]