The Future of Car Tech

When will the flying car be on sale in dealerships?  It may be a few years yet before you can buy one but “Our Auto Experts” Nik Miles and Mike Caudill have been looking at technologies you will see in every car in the future.


The Future of Car Tech

Some new technologies have been introduced in cars this year will change all cars from here on in,  starting with Cadillac’s large luxury sedan the CT6. To appreciate the advancements in technology with the Cadillac CT6 you have to know it has 4 sensors right up on the front, one camera mounted under the Cadillac logo and then on the windshield you have a camera mounted for the super cruize feature.Cadillac-CT6-RSF

What is Super Cruise?  It’s the most advanced level two autonomy in a car for sale today.  It is the first true hands-free driving assistance feature for compatible highways. Unlike other driver assistance systems, Super Cruise uses two advanced technologies to provide the ease and convenience of hands-free driving. Your highway commute will never be the same.

We are excited about a lot of technology coming to cars in the future.  We drove the Mercedes- Benz A-Class the smallest entry-level sedan in the companies lines up of models. The cool thing about the A-Class is you can talk to your vehicle.  The MBUX system allows you to discuss tops with the A-Class topics with the vehicle in a natural voice and the MBUX will respond with answers and conversation.

Forget buttons switched and knobs.  Even though they still exist you can now use your voice instead. You can still use the touchpad steering wheel and screen.  Also, artificial intelligence remembers you and your choices and when you return uses them to help with information.

The Cadillac CT6 has Intellabeem headlights that automatically dip from high to low when the car senses oncoming traffic.  It is also equipped with heads up display to keep your eyes on the road and not on in-car screens.

To pair your phone in Cadillacs XT4 and XT6, just tap it on the dash and through NFC it will pair with the Vehicle.

Have you ever got into a car that is super hot from the sun?  Mercedes have got a hack for that.

They have invented a leather that is coated with a special product that keeps cars cooler by 13 degrees.  In the BMW M8 convertible the car has an air vent right at the driver’s neck inside the seat giving you a warm scarf even with the top down on a cold day.

If you have a big car with a not so big parking space.  No problem.  Many cars now park themselves.  Enhanced Active Park Assist from Ford will automatically park your vehicle when you hold down the park button and follow the sequence of instructions.

From automated driving and convenient technology to screen size.  Mercedes and BMW lead the charge with screens that go all the way across the dash up to 12.3 inches each.  What’s coming in the future?

Land Rover Jaguar has been working on technologies to have every window in the car become a screen.  The future is going to be bright!


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