Test Drive: 2012 BMW 650i Coupe

??A sexy alternative for fixed roof types?


Should you happen to be a fan of open-air vehicles and would prefer to own nothing but a convertible, there?s no need for you to read further into this review. Instead, you should refer to my review of the 2012 BMW 650i Cabrio. This particular review is of the new 2012 BMW 650i Coupe, which comes with a base price that is $7,500 less than its droptop counterpart, but it is certainly no less sexy, and happens to share all of the same mechanicals and dimensions except for the weight (it?s 298 pounds lighter than the Cabrio) and height which is only 0.2-inches higher.

Both vehicles are longer, lower and wider than their predecessors. In addition, both feature taller and more upright signature twin kidney grilles and more accentuated character lines along with a ?Shark Nose? featuring flat headlights that project a bolder and more powerful image. Fog lights are integrated into wide air intakes, and the hood accent lines draw one?s vision rearward. Wheel arches display a bold flair, and the fully integrated rear decklid spoiler joins the L-shaped LED taillamps. The rear is finished off by dual rectangular exhaust outlets. The Convertible or Cabrio is not however, simply a Coupe sans top. Each vehicle was designed and engineered separately and individually to serve its intended purpose in the most efficient manner.

The interior is driver oriented with functional controls angled toward the driver, and materials are softer and more inviting. Nappa leather wrapping is standard?with the sport steering wheel, and there is now a 10.2-inch flat screen display for navigation and vehicle function information. Gauges and instrumentation features?Black Panel Technology. Starting the engine brings the onboard information and check control light to life, and once the vehicle is running, prompts appear from the navigation and active driver assistance systems between the dials, including navigation arrows and various system warnings. Instrumentation illumination changes from white to classic BMW amber at night. Also featured is a new 80GB hard drive as well as a new and improved hard-drive-based Navigation system with a fully browse-capable Electronic Driver?s Manual. 12 GB is reserved for the entertainment server, which can rip music from the CD/DVD reader, or of transferring music or media images through the USB port. HD radio comes as standard fare.

The new 650i?s 400 horsepower is generated by a state-of-the-art reverse flow, 4.4-liter DOHC, 32-valve V-8 with TwinPower Turbo technology, High Precision?Direct Injection and Double-VANOS steplessly variable valve timing. The engine, which s mounted forward in a longitudinal orientation, also develops 450 pound feet of torque, and is connected to an eight-speed Sport automatic with wheel mounted paddle shifters that meters power to the rear wheels.

My test BMW 650i Coupe wore a rich Red exterior coat and featured a striking Ivory White Nappa leather interior. The base sticker was set at $83,000. While the final sticker came to $83,875. After adding options and the Destination charge.


SUMMARY: I?ve long held that the BMW 650i Convertible may well be one of the most beautiful vehicles to come from Bavaria ? at least in modern times, but now, the Coupe ranks as equally beautiful.

The 650i in either body style is a wonder to behold and is exhilarating to drive.?Acceleration is available instantly on command, steering is immediately responsive and the ride quality, though extremely stable and flat is not punishing at all ? that is, unless you want it to be by selecting Sport+ through the Dynamic Damping Control ? other settings are: Normal and Comfort.

There are loads of Driver Assistance features that are optionally available to further enhance both one?s driving pleasure and prowess. I believe that the only aid not found on any of the vehicles in the program, was the Integral Active Steering, which essentially incorporates four-wheel steering for more precise directional control.


The 650i Coupe comes with all the same features and underpinnings as the Cabrio, and if you are able to live without the open air motoring experience that the Convertible provides, the purchase of the Coupe makes perfect sense. I still personally prefer the sun and the wind in your face and hair experience over the closed car driving scenario.









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