Test Drive Mazda6 – Video

Nik Miles from https://ourautoexpert.com headed to Austin Texas with the Mazda team to find out all about the new 2014 Mazda Mazda6
.I’m standing in front of the all-new Mazda six. They don’t come like this from the dealership this is the race-car version. Below the belt line it’s very different it’s built for the racetrack, above the belt line it’s similar to the Mazda six you would buy from the dealership. We are in Austin Texas where we have been test driving the car all week. The Mazda6 is new all the way from the front badge to the trunk lid. Mazda wanted a car that would drive like a compact. Something that would compete with Accord, Altima and Passat. And they sure did test the Mazda6, over 500,000 miles driven in 20 countries, including 100,000 miles in 30 US locations.

Under the hood it comes with monsters skyactiv technology. A 2.5 L with 184 hp and soon to come in 2.2 L clean diesel engine. A six speed automatic replaces the five-speed automatic. If you choose to drive a manual transmission you get an amazing 26 miles a gallon in the city and 38 on the highway.

The driver has a lot of amenities including radar cruise control, front obstacle warning, Blind spot monitoring and re-across track warning, Adaptive front lighting which is where the front headlights. Although we found the 5.8 inch screen a little small it does have some amenities we like.

The outside of the car is swift and clean encompassing all the ideas of soul in motion.

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