Texas Auctions License Plate Numbers

License plate collage courtesy of MyPlates.com

The State of Texas came up with an interesting way to raise a little revenue for the general fund ? auctioning license plate numbers.? According to the myplates.com web site, about a thousand Texans witnessed state history at Cowboys Stadium January 14 at the first-ever auction of license plates in Texas.

My Plates is a Texas-based company that was awarded a contract by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to design, market and sell new Specialty license plates in the State of Texas.? They have created a whole new range of plate designs including new Texas themes and colors.

The auction sold 33 plates went for a grand total of $138,650.? Of that amount, My Plates estimates that $78,422.50 goes to the state general revenue fund. On average, 60-65% of each plate price goes to the State.

FERRARI set the record for most expensive plate ever sold in Texas at $15,000.? COWBOYS was the second highest priced plate at $11,500, GOHORNS went to for $10,500 and RANGERS brought in $10,000.

Salman Waheed is a Dallas physician who purchased four plates: PORSCHE , T STARS, T DALLAS, and AMERICA, which he says is particularly special to him, ?I came to this country 16 years ago and became a naturalized citizen, and I believe that it is an honor to be an American citizen.?

Jill Potts of North Richland Hills bought DIAMOND for herself, AGGIES1 as an investment she plans to sell, and BIG TEX for her husband, ?Because he?s a big man, he wears a big hat, and he just?is Big Tex.?

The winner of Bidder?s Choice is an Austin man who says he?ll put the name of his business on his plate in 7 letters.? He is the first Texan ever to choose a 7-character message ?from the air.?? The other 32 auction plates were set combinations.? Bidder’s Choice was 7 question marks that the winner gets to fill in.

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