The 2022 Volvo C40 is their first all Electric car // Also powered by Norse gods

There are a plethora of new electric cars arriving at dealerships this year. And this is the latest, the Volvo C40 recharge. And the only thing you must choose is the color. Everything else is chosen for you.

Electrification is nothing new for Volvo. They have been putting plugs in their vehicles for quite some time now, but that doesn’t mean this is an old hat for the Swedish car company. In fact, this is the first purpose-built electric-only crossover that the company has ever made, and it looks like it belongs to a Nordic Museum of Art.

There is no Grill in the C40, which means the Volvo logo sits on a piece of solid molding, and in the true form of the Norse God Thor, the lights reflect his hammer. What is also different about this car is the computer operating system. Volvo is trying something different; Volvo has been working with Google on an operating system for their vehicles and that’s what’s installed in the new C40. Plus, it has free data when it comes to the operating system. And that means when those kids use Netflix in the car, it might cost you just a little bit less sucking up all of that bandwidth as you head out on your road trip.

It’s easy to say but not as easy to use as Volvo would like, you’re supposed to be able to sign into the car with your Google account. However, even with the help of a product specialist that caused the system problems. The Google system is still a little clunky. It’s a great idea and Volvo has been refining the Google interface. There are no plans for Android auto because that’s part of the Google system. However, Apple car play will arrive in the vehicle later at the launch series, I might just stick with Apple car play.

When it comes to things that Volvo does well, they nailed it. Generous 402 horsepower, 0 to 60 in under five seconds, 226 miles on a single charge, and they can go from 0 to 80 percent charge in just 40 minutes with the right conditions.

Here are a couple of things you might want to know about driving the Volvo C40.
It’s electric, so you get all the things you expect with this vehicle. It’s got exhilaration and it’s also got the handling that you’d expect from a Volvo because it’s kind of a coupe crossover. It’s also sportier than the regular Volvo SUV. So Dynamic driving is more of the profile. It’s more performance-oriented than the previous Volvo’s that I’ve driven. It’s not so bulky, it’s smooth, athletic and it’s more fun to drive than I’ve experienced in the past.

Volvo is famous for their seats in their vehicles and the C40 recharge is no exception, very comfortable seats, almost like sitting on an air cushion. Famous for their Interiors as well, very Swedish, but darker than I had expected. And of course, being a Swedish company, they’re also famous for their environmental Interiors

Volvo cares about the world and they want to make sure that the footprint of their cars leaves a minor impact. On the inside, Volvo worked ridiculously hard with sustainable materials using recycled products to make sure the interior meets the highest level of Environmental Services. The tech is also delightful, things that are quite useful in the C40 recharge, there are no gauges. There is a screen in front of the driver that gives you your map display for your navigation. You don’t have to glance at the center infotainment screen. Especially useful for not having to glance down to the right. The final price is just short of 60K, which is, a Swedish premium product.

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