The 82nd Sturgis rally has begun!!

​​​I am in the world-famous Sturgis rally in Rapid City and Sturgis South Dakota. When I got here I immediately went to the Black Hills Harley-Davidson dealership as the festivities kicked off here, in the Sturgis area. And what’s unique about Sturgis is that it is very Pro Harley, but you will see every motorcycle manufacturer here in some capacity over the next 10 days.

They’re going to be more than a million people coming to South Dakota to check out one of the largest rallies on the planet. The industry right now is improving, some of the sales numbers just came out, and street bikes are at about a 5% increase in sales, and that’s because there’s a lot of volume. But when you look at the Dual Sports Market, the Harley-Davidson pan America goes up against BMW and their GS 1250 KTM and their 1100.

What’s really unique about this industry is that they are up 63.7% and that breaks every record in the motorcycle industry as far as Dual Sport Motorcycles go. So what is a dual sport bike? That means it goes on the road and it goes Offroad. So you can go just about anywhere with this motorcycle.

So not only can you check out the rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. But you can actually go to an American flat track race. It’s the oldest racing series in the United States. And coincidentally I just learned that it happens to be one of the most diverse motorcycle racing series in the U.S.

It has a female that places atop the podium an African-American who’s spinning tires around that track as well. Also placed on the podium, a husband-and-wife Duo participating in the series, a Canadian, a Spaniard, the list goes on and on. And what’s great about it is, that it’s attracting New Riders into the industry.

So that you see a number like, 63.7% – 63.8 increase year-over-year is because of series like this, that are bringing new audiences. ​Eighteen races are part of the American flat track series around the country.

Safety is always number one, make sure you have a nice jacket that will protect you. I would recommend a brand with some nice panels in the shoulders and elbows to protect you in the event of an accident. Always wear a helmet, right? I always make sure I get one with the D.O.T. stamp on it.

Whether it’s anyone in the brands out there, you want to make sure it says, Department of Transportation on the rear of it. Make sure you get good boots to protect your ankles, protect your feet, and gloves. These are the things that you want​ ​when you’re out there riding on your motorcycles.

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