The average new car sales price is $48K. We found options for less than $25K.

​As of this article, we are very close to the average price of a new car being fifty thousand dollars. Institutions like Kelly blue book and AAA are all making sure they keep their eyes on the numbers for any abrupt changes. Triple A conducted a study that shows from 2021 to 2022, the average cost to own a car jumped a thousand dollars and is now at ten thousand dollars.

However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t affordable options. There are many fantastic cars, trucks, and SUVs under twenty-five thousand dollars. Ford has given us the more than-capable Maverick. No corners were cut in making this, and in 2022 Ford had to stop taking orders for them as they had sold out. Petrol and Hybrid powertrains are available here, also Ford’s FLEXBED. This is a fantastic addition to a work site or any DIY home project, harnessing a 110V plug-in in the bed and a multiangle lockable tailgate to accommodate unorthodox-shaped loads.

Hyundai had two entries under twenty-five thousand, with the sleek and stylish Elantra in at just over twenty thousand. Alongside the subcompact SUV, the Hyundai Kona is just under twenty-two thousand. Both Hyundais offer you a huge amount of value, especially when upgrading them. You can get all of the bells and whistles on the Elantra and still not spend over twenty-five thousand dollars.

Not to be ignored, the Honda brand, of course, also has something to say about having great cars under twenty-five thousand dollars. Two entries include the Civic and the HR-V. The Civic is the champion of the brand and, just under that sacred twenty-five thousand marker, has always been a top contender on any list or mention of an affordable, solid car. And nothing has changed aside from getting more for less. The HR-V comes in at just under twenty-four thousand and has let everyone know in the sub-compact SUV market. An affordable challenger has arrived.

Chevrolet decided why not and added a contestant with the Chevrolet Trailblazer nonetheless. At barely over twenty-two thousand dollars. This outdoor rugged SUV was shocking to see hit under the twenty-five thousand mark. This is a powerful SUV for not a lot of money.

And finally, this car will probably be in production well into the twenty-third century. The Toyota Corolla. This beautiful machine has only run up a bill of over twenty-one thousand dollars. This is just for the base model; different versions cost more, and you can easily “add on” your way out of the twenty-five thousand dollar specification. But the Corolla is one of the most well-built and long-lasting cars on the road. Any trim will be perfect.

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