The Coolest electric car to date // Genesis GV60, more tech than Tesla?

Well, it might be a bit of an overused phrase, but I think that Tesla may have finally met their match with this. The Genesis GV 60. This vehicle has launch control, a hidden drift mode, facial recognition to unlock and go, a fingerprint scanner, and a Magic 8 ball on the inside. It’s all-electric, it has a power boost. It also starts at around 60,000 dollars, and for the performance mode, it’s about seventy thousand dollars.

248 miles for the base mode on a single charge, and about 235 miles on the advanced mode. If that doesn’t get you excited, this will, the driving. But first of all, let’s take a look at the vehicle. Doesn’t it look a little bit like a dragonfly on the outside? There’s quite a large Grille opening, which is unusual for an electric car because they don’t usually need a grill, but this needs to be cooled while the batteries are charging. The four lights here at the front, look like a dragonfly as I mentioned, and it’s very round.

The front and the back look very Porsche-esque. Very interesting Wheels. I kind of like them. And here’s the first cool thing. It actually has a facial recognition camera on the side. I press the button on the door, the camera recognizes my face, and I am in.

And then once I’m on the inside, I press the finger sensor lock, It now recognizes me, and I can start the vehicle.

The gear shifter. Well, it’s not actually a gear shifter. It’s a crystal sphere, a little like a mixture of a snow globe and a Magic 8-Ball. It flips over when you start the GV 60 to reveal the shifter, very cool.

The cost is a little over seventy thousand dollars, which is what I paid when I bought my ford Mach E GT. Not too shabby for the top-end version of this. Would I buy it, absolutely, yes. Could I afford it? Absolutely not, It’s very expensive. This vehicle, is it worth it? It is.

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