The Pebble Beach auto show is equivalent to the All-star game. And we came to play!

The best of the best in the automotive world is out! They are shiny, polished, and converted; this is what one thousand enthusiasts come to see; they are what our grandfathers may have traveled in, the way we travel, and the way we want to travel. Boy, have things changed.

Lincoln gave me a sneak peek into the future of mobility with the longest concept the manufacturer has ever created. The elegant style is reminiscent of the 1922 Lincoln L-100. This version boasts a single Lincoln signature light, piano strings led lights, the welcoming embracing door opening, and on the inside, a digital floor and chess board to change the vehicle from a driving position to a social environment.

In 1891, Michelin introduced the first detachable tire; it lasted 1,000 miles. Today, Michelin’s best-selling performance tire, the all-season pilot sports series, has a 45,000-mile warranty, so even tires have been part of the rolling revolution.

Also, Alfa Romeo celebrates 110 years of heritage. These Alfa V8s produced just ninety horsepower, with a top speed of 80 miles per hour. Compare that with today’s Alfa Romeo Tonale. This all-new compact SUV seats 5, gets 272 hp that’s three times the amount with half the cylinders, and because it is a plug-in hybrid, you will get up to thirty miles on electricity alone. Alfa Romeo promises five additional electrified vehicles by 2028.

The least expensive Lamborghini was a tractor; they still make them. But here in Pebble beach, Lamborghini introduced their latest Urus, the Urus Performante, which costs $261,000 and does 0-60 in just 3.3 seconds. That’s point three faster than the last generation and has over 665 hp and can join those tractors in the dirt with its new rally mode. Inside, the Urus performance looks more like the cockpit of a jet fighter, with all the tech you expect in a Lamborghini. Look for the new Urus Performance in late fall.

Perched above the Monterey Bay is North America’s First Range Rover house, which is the perfect modernist, reductive designed home where guests can engage in activities befitting the lifestyle of the new Range Rover Carmel edition. This most special edition embodies the modernity of the house and coast and is limited to seventeen units. The elements inspired it in the rocks and water of the protected California shore. And the good news is if you want to be one of the seventeen owners, you must be one of the select few that get to be in Pebble beach.

My car dreams just got modified.

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