The Ram 1500 Revolution has too many cool features

More information about Ram’s first electric pickup truck, the Revolution, is becoming known. There is already a host of electric trucks, from the Rivian RT1 to the Hummer EV and the Ford F150 Lightning. Still to come the Cyber truck, the Chevy Silverado EV, the GMC Sierra EV, and now the Ram 1500 Revolution.

While at CES, Mike Kovall, CEO of RAM, went on to say, “It starts with the fact that we have a competitive advantage in the marketplace as the only dedicated truck and van brand in the industry. This is what we do” When Ram created the next-generation pickup truck concept, one of the most significant ideas they had was to make our lives easier.

One of their answers is the Ram charger. This inductive charger is a device that comes out when you park the Revolution; it engages the truck and takes that task away from you. The Revolution also has the Pass-through, which is the ability to carry 18’-20’ boards through the Revolution. Starting from the frunk to the tailgate 18’ with the tailgate up 20’ with it down

The vehicle will also have cabin mode. Allowing you to change the interior mood to things like productivity mode or even party mode. The Ram 1500 revolution will not be the first electric Ram. The Promaster started us and will join the Revolution in 2024 as a united new EV front.

We are seeing Ram become an international brand, Brazil, the rest of South America, Australia, New Zealand, and many more countries are seeing exponential growth in Ram sales, which is expected to continue with the introduction of this Ram 1500 Revolution.

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