The ultimate, ultimate driving machine // 2023 BMW M2

​The automotive industry is no stranger to fierce competition, and BMW has long been a brand that sets itself apart from the crowd. One of its latest models, the new BMW M2, is a compact high-performance sports car that delivers signature M performance in a highly concentrated form. This car is a proper stunner. It’s got the looks, the power, and the handling to make your heart skip a beat, and it definitely skips a beat while driving the M2. With its 338 kW/460 hp six-cylinder in-line engine, rear-wheel drive, and optionally available six-speed manual gearbox, the M2 promises an unadulterated driving experience that combines agility and handling with power and control.

The BMW M2 is the second generation of compact high-performance sports cars, and it’s celebrating the 50th anniversary of BMW M GmbH. This car is the latest in a long line of ultra-sporty models with compact dimensions that began with the BMW 2002 turbo in 1973. With its sophisticated control/operating concept, the BMW M2 is a vehicle that’s designed to deliver a performance experience of remarkable intensity while remaining easily controllable even when pushed to its limits.

One of the most striking things about the BMW M2 is its athletic appearance, which results from its compact dimensions and extremely powerful proportions. The car measures 214 millimeters less in exterior length than the BMW M4 Coupé models and has a 110-millimeter shorter wheelbase, which gives it a distinctive look that sets it apart from other models in the BMW lineup. The large, frameless BMW kidney grille with its horizontal bars combines with a three-section lower air intake with almost rectangular contours to give the car’s front end a familiar M look.

The engine under the bonnet of the new BMW M2 is a straight-six engine developed for the compact high-performance model with M TwinPower Turbo technology and high-revving design. It delivers a maximum output of 338 kW/460 hp, which is 66 kW/90 hp more than the engine used in the previous generation of the M2. The new engine revs to a maximum of 7,200 rpm, and it’s accompanied by an emotionally rich soundtrack generated by the M-specific exhaust system with electrically controlled flaps.

The BMW M2 is available with either an eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic as standard or a six-speed manual gearbox as an option. But the real magic of the M2 is in how it handles. This car is a well-balanced machine that’s a joy to drive. The steering is so precise you could thread a needle with it, and the suspension keeps the car planted in the corners. And if you want to have some fun, you can switch the car into drift mode and slide around like a proper hooligan.

The transmission is designed to execute multiple downshifts to the lowest available gear and has a choice of three shift settings. On the other hand, the six-speed manual gearbox offers a sporty style of driving rooted in the intense interaction between driver and car.

With its compact dimensions, powerful proportions, and sophisticated control/operating concept, this car is designed to deliver a performance experience of remarkable intensity while remaining easily controllable even when pushed to its limits. The M2 car is packed with tech and comfort features. The optional race seats hug you like a mama bear, and the infotainment system is so easy to use that even your dog could figure it out. Whether you choose the eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic or the six-speed manual gearbox, the BMW M2 is a vehicle that promises unadulterated driving pleasure.

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