The world’s best-selling sports coupe is all new // 2024 Mustang

This is the sort of fan fair you would expect for a vehicle that has sold over 10 million units. The most powerful Mustang ever with a classic look but a very chiseled look. Capturing that iconic feel of freedom and disruptive spirit but for a new age.
The Mustang is not like other vehicles. Apart from the fact it has been the world’s best-selling sports coupe for the past seven years, it appeals to every demographic.
Groundbreaking features include owners being able to rev their vehicle directly from the key fob. This new electronic e-brake looks similar to a traditional parking brake but can be used in drift mode when activated from the touch screen.
This drift mode was developed by formula drift racer Vaughn Gittin jr, who has been working with Ford performance on the mustang and electric mustang Mach-E for several years to expand the brands drifting potential as the sport of drifting explodes.
Inside big steps have been made on-screen space. A new gauge cluster and a new infotainment display, each over 12 inches. Normal, sport, and track modes. Shift lights and fully customizable gauges are just a few of the features.
In years gone by, freedom was expressed in America with a driver’s license and a full tank of gas, but Ford understands that a new generation of Mustang owners may express freedom differently. Younger Americans express freedom with technology.
To reflect the younger generation’s idea of freedom, this Mustang has more technology than any other Mustang. With safety technology, connectivity technology, and communications technology. The 7th generation mustang should since it can communicate over the air for updates. After all, the interior was designed to resemble the cockpit of a jet fighter.

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