Three 3 tips for National tailgating day!

​Tailgating is one of America’s most sacred traditions around their favorite sporting event. For me, it’s all about football season, and more than 50 million Americans will tailgate this year.

RVs have become the foundation for many tailgating events, and as crazy as it sounds, many tailgaters don’t leave for the game. They just watch the game from their RV. Here are some top tips if you are looking to tailgate with an RV.

College football games are number one for tailgating parties, followed by pro football, Nascar, and even hockey falls into the mix. Add in large-scale concerts, high school events, and more. Each type of event has a different tailgating need, but the best part is an RV allows you to customize your tailgating area to meet that need.

Tailgating is all about creating a fun atmosphere that is also super comfortable. Plenty of chairs, tables for all your food, coolers, and the correct type of grill. Most stadiums won’t allow charcoal, so you must go with propane. Games are big as well for tailgating…cornhole is our favorite.

There are hundreds of RVs to choose from for tailgating and camping. You can either tow one behind your vehicle or drive one into the stadium. RV’s offer tailgater convenience and some very important features starting with a refrigerator, comfortable couches, lots of storage, power outlets, and some even come with TV’s so you can watch other games while prepping for your big game.

The absolute best part is…no lines. You don’t have to wait whether to buy a cold beer or for the bathroom. You get to skip every line…including the porta potties…and you don’t have to pay $25 bucks for a cold one. And that’s why many tailgaters actually don’t even leave to go into the game!

Setting up your tailgating area is easy. I like to set everything up, so it’s a procession. It keeps things easy and moving for my guests. For the food, kick up those hamburgers and hotdogs with fancy toppings and maybe chili or mac and cheese in a crock pot. Just keep it simple so you can enjoy the party.

There’s one more thing you might take for granted when tailgating: the weather. If it’s too hot, too cold, raining, or snowing – you just move the party inside the RV!

My family and I like to make a day of it. As everyone is leaving the game, waiting in long lines to exit the stadium, we are right back in our tailgating area relaxing. I own an RV, and I’ve got some epic tailgating parties planned this year. If you’re not sure what RV to get, there are a variety of websites that provide information, but I rely on because it not only has details on RVs but other tips and trips for camping.

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