2021 Toyota Supras: 4 Cylinder vs. 6 Cylinder

Check out the 2021 Toyota Supra 4 cylinder versus the 2021 Toyota Supra 6 cylinder. You will be surprised at how different they are.

Because of the travel shut down due to COVID 19 many new car launches to show off new vehicles to the media have been canceled or postponed. My adventure to a Virginia racetrack to test drive the 2021 Toyota supra was one of those victims. But since I am unable to travel Toyota shipped two new Toyota Supras to my house

You have heard that the 2021 Toyota supra gets some overly exciting upgrades. I am sure you know that now there is a 6 cylinder and a 4 cylinder and all the automotive fans have been debating which does what but what everyone really wants to know is which one does the best burnout.

You may remember that we got the chance to do the very first public burnout in the Toyota supra when it arrived just over a year ago. The first-ever Supra burnout video has been millions of times around the world.  But the 2021 Supras are here and they offer some big upgrades including a special edition, the A91, which we will review later.

How do you tell the two different Supra models apart from looks alone? They have different wheels, different exhausts, and different brake calipers. The 6 cylinder has bigger brake rotors and a 4 pistons red caliper. The 4 cylinder has a one-piston sliding caliper. The difference is obvious just by looking at the brakes.

Under the skin, these are two quite different 2021 Toyota Supras. The 6-cylinder 3 liter creates a very respectable 382 hp, an increase of 47 hp from last year. New for 2021 a 2-liter 4 cylinder which outputs a respectable 255hp

When you get behind the wheel, you will notice the other big differences are the dampener and spring rate.  When comparing the 2020 6-cylinder and the 2021 6-Cylinder the tuning is remarkable on 2021.  A big change, much smoother and more responsive

When driving the 4 cylinder it is firm and tight, a clean drive that is tight. But stepping up to the 6 Cylinder you will find a huge jump in performance. The 2021 is still controlled and tamable but the increase in power is very noticeable.

Unfortunately, we did not get great burnout because of bad weather and not having access to a racetrack.  We did do a little melting of tires. Out of respect for those journalists who will get these cars after me, I did not hammer it.

The conclusion is I need this pandemic to be over so I can get back to a racetrack and turn out on a dry skidpad.  These cars will make big smoke under the right conditions.

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