Ultra-Light Audi Urban Concept

Exploring the limits of automotive design Audi will show a radical new concept car at the forthcoming Frankfurt auto show.? Developed as a technical study, the Audi urban concept defies conventional categories combining elements of a racing car, a fun car and an urban car into one far-reaching concept.

The Audi urban concept is a 1+1-seat, ultra-light car created to be used in congested urban spaces. ?Totally unique in structure the urban transport was developed under the strict principles of lightweight construction and efficiency. ?The result is a car devoid of unnecessary weight and dedicated to the pure essence of sporty motion.

The sleek body of the urban concept rides on 21-inch open wheels, each surrounded by protective plates.? The design displays the image of motion even when standing still.

The roof and doors slide back allowing access to the interior.? Inside there is room for two people, their position slightly staggered and at a sporty, low level. ?The minimal controls and interior appointments are dictates of ultra-lightweight construction in order to ensure a completely unique, sensory allure. The driver can adjust the steering wheel and pedals to his or her own body measurements.

The technology in the Audi urban concept reflects the full capabilities of the brand, especially when it comes to ultra-lightweight construction. The cockpit consists of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer, which also integrates the undercarriage of both seats.

Two e-tron electric motors provide the propulsion ? giving the ultra-light Audi urban concept the ability to accelerate powerfully. A lithium-ion battery supplies the energy for extended city driving.

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