Used Car Fuel Economy Window Stickers

Shoppers may be able to make a better decision on a used car if the dealer is using a new fuel economy sticker on the window.? At least, that?s what the EPA is thinking.? Until now, used car buyers, who outnumber new car buyers by 4 to 1, have not had the benefit of a fuel economy window sticker.? Now, used car sellers can print a window sticker?( the vehicle?s city, highway, and combined fuel economy rating, a photo of the vehicle and important information about the vehicle?s configuration?such as engine size, transmission type, and fuel type? to help identify it.? For high-tech shoppers there is a QR Code, scannable with a free downloadable app. The QR code links directly to the vehicle?s information on? mobile site, allowing the buyer to verify the information on the label and look up other data like annual fuel cost or GHG emissions.

Consumers may not know that a vehicle?s fuel economy changes very little over the course of a typical 15-year life, provided it is properly maintained. As a result, the?EPA?fuel economy estimate remains a good indicator of a?used?vehicle?s average gas mileage.

There is no government mandate requiring the fuel economy stickers at this time, they are just a courtesy for shoppers.


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