Valvoline?s NextGen? Motor Oil

Valvoline introduced yet another way for all car owners to go green with their new NextGen? motor oil which is made from a blend of 50 percent recycle oil. The oil provides 100 percent of the normal Valvoline oil protection exceeding industry requirements, but with far less impact on the environment.

NextGen motor oil was developed after years of research and is couple with improvements in the oil re-refining process. Valvoline chemists now have the ability to pair the company?s award-winning additive chemistry with recycled base oils that meet its exacting standards. The result is a high-performance product that uses 50 percent recycled oil and matches the quality of other Valvoline motor oils (that use non-recycled base oil).

?Unlike vertically integrated oil and energy companies, our sole focus is motor oil, so we are constantly looking to innovate and bring the highest-quality motor oil products to consumers,? said Sam Mitchell, President of Valvoline. ?NextGen takes advantage of our technology and expertise in a formulation that uses recycled oil and delivers the quality and performance we demand to put the Valvoline ?V? on the bottle.?

Oil doesn?t completely wear out, it gets dirty ? used oil can be re-refined and re-used. Today?s re-refining technology has advanced significantly and now follows a technical process almost identical to that used for crude oil refining. The manufacturing process also offers environmental benefits, lessening the carbon footprint (versus crude refining) while producing base oil just as good as crude.

NextGen oils are available in conventional, high mileage and synthetic blend oil variants.? Learn more about the new oil at



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