Volvo Car USA Ushers in a New Era of Electrification with Full 2024 Model Year Pricing

MAHWAH, NJ – In a groundbreaking announcement that marks a significant shift towards sustainable mobility, Volvo Car USA has unveiled the complete pricing structure for its 2024 model year, encompassing an array of luxury cars and SUVs that exclusively feature mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric vehicles. This strategic move underscores Volvo’s commitment to providing an electrified option for every American driver, resonating with the growing eco-conscious consumer base.

Electrification at the Core

The spotlight shines on the 2024 model year with the debut of two bespoke fully electric powertrain options for the C40 Recharge and XC40 Recharge, signaling a steadfast dedication to zero-emission driving. With Volvo’s pledge to climate neutrality, potential buyers are offered a diverse portfolio of electrified vehicles tailored to varying preferences and lifestyles.

A Nostalgic Comeback with Modern Flair

Volvo surprises enthusiasts with a nostalgia-infused revelation – the reintroduction of rear-wheel drive (RWD) after a 25-year hiatus. The C40 Recharge and XC40 Recharge will feature Single Motor Extended Range variants, promising an enhanced range and the revered Volvo driving dynamics, fortifying its position in the premium segment.

Exclusive Black Edition

A fresh addition to the 2024 lineup, the Black Edition styling option, makes its way to the celebrated Volvo XC60, building on its legacy as the 2018 World Car of the Year. The Ultimate trim level will now include exclusive glossy black aesthetic enhancements, creating a visually striking package that appeals to luxury SUV aficionados.

An Impressive Lineup with Transparent Pricing

Volvo Car USA continues its tradition of offering a suite of award-winning SUVs, sedans, and wagons. The pricing structure ranges from the accessible XC40 B5 AWD starting at $40,100 to the sophisticated XC90 Recharge T8 eAWD plug-in hybrid at $80,100 for the Ultimate 6-Seater variant, delivering options for every tier of luxury vehicle enthusiasts.

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