Watch your Custom BMW X3 Being Built

A Record of the Birth of an X3

With a new BMW service, it?s now possible to go on line and watch your customized BMW X3 being built in the Spartanburg, SC manufacturing facility.

?Customization is essential to the new BMW X3. With more than 10 million distinct configurations available, we wanted to get customers excited about the birth of their unique vehicle,? said Trudy Hardy, Manager, BMW Marketing Communications and Consumer Events, BMW of North America. ?This production footage of the BMW X3 vehicles from our Spartanburg plant enhances the overall customer experience that is part of the BMW brand.?

Customers can view the footage by creating a My BMW account on and entering their X3 order number or VIN. Using seven cameras in BMW?s South Carolina plant, BMW deliver X3 customers with video that tracks their vehicle through the various stages of final assembly. The video does not have an expiration date, giving consumers round-the-clock access to the assembly footage, and the video can also be downloaded and shared with interested friends and family members.

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