Wearable Air Bags for Motorcycle Riders

With the exception of a top-of-the-line Honda model, motorcycle riders have not had the benefit of safety bags, but that has changed recently with the availability of various systems that can be used not only for motorcycles, but also for many sports.

One of the more interesting systems is the Armored Air Jacket is an effective airbag system integrated into?specially designed jackets. The Armored Air Jackets come equipped with a?small Co2 air cartridge attached to a ripcord that is tethered to the?motorcycle. Riders simply connect the ripcord lanyard to the anchoring cable?as they mount the motorcycle, much like a throttle kill ripcord on?snowmobiles and jet skis.

When the ripcord is activated during an accident,?the integrated airbag system automatically inflates within the jacket,?filling the internal airbag bladder in just one-half second. The inflated?airbag provides an armor-like layer of extra protection to the most?vulnerable areas of the body, including the neck, chest, back, ribs and?spine, thereby reducing injury as the cyclist impacts with another object or?the roadway.

Tested and certified by a leading automotive airbag deployment system
testing firm, the Armored Air Jacket has already been credited with saving
the lives of cyclists around the nation.? In one accident in Baltimore, a
cyclist was cut off by a motorist and ejected 100 feet, hitting the ground
at 70 mph.? The rider was wearing an Armored Air Jacket and suffered only an
injured hand, soreness, scrapes and bruises ? but it could have been much

The jacket and vest, available in a fashionable collection, can be used?repeatedly and are even washable. The Armored Air Jacket and Vest retail for?approximately $595 and $250 respectively.? For more information go to?www.armoredairjackets.com

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