Wearable airbags? // 2023 Motorcycle & Safety gear options.

​If you own a motorcycle, now would be the time to start getting ready to ride. But What if you are a new beginning rider? What is an excellent bike to ride, and how would you stay safe? While you’re waiting for spring. Here are a few great motorcycle options and safety gear considerations for 2023.

The 2023 Honda Rebel could be the best option for the brand-new rider. It’s priced under five thousand dollars. There are also plenty of mid-level options for bikes that blend style performance and affordable pricing.

A conversation about motorcycles can’t be had without Harley Davidson, especially the Nightster. It’s a mid-level, beautiful, lightweight ride. It’s high performance, comfortable, and under fourteen thousand dollars.

Stepping up in all categories, The 2023 Indian challenger Darkhorse has quite the stature and presence. Great for cruising the city and long road trips. This motorcycle is not a beginner bike but a worthy goal to work up to. Priced at under twenty-nine thousand dollars.

Adventurous drivers should look at the BMW R1250, specifically the adventure rally edition. It starts at under eighteen thousand dollars, but if you upgrade, you can apply a considerable amount of features that allow you to go off-road.

Whether you’re looking to start with a beginner bike like the Honda rebel or jump right up to the Indian challenger Darkhorse, the one constant is Safety. Alpinestars has one of the best products out for motorcycle riders, Tech-air. Think wearable airbags. It deploys eight times faster than the blink of an eye or 25 milliseconds. And can protect up to ninety-five percent of your body.

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