What is a CUV?

One of the most common questions I get asked as a car expert is what is a crossover or CUV it is very simple. This is a good example of a CUV, the BMW X1 A CUV is built on a car platform with a lot of characteristics from a hatchback and station wagons were an SUV is built on a truck platform and has a lot of off road capability

The first compact CUV was the Toyota Rav4. It was originally launched in the US in 1996, and Toyota just unveiled the lasted edition of the Rav4 with an eye on capturing a bigger share of the crossover market.

Toyota are expecting sales of 200,000 Rav4’s this year alone, but they will get some stiff competition from some fast growing competitors in the segment like the Kia Sportage In a recent survey The Sportage was ranked best value by new car customers.
One emerging new trend in the segment is Luxury Crossovers with Luxury and Capability the Ranger Rover Evoque has been gaining popularity and sales and was named North American truck of the year in 2012.

Some Luxury crossover shoppers have been waiting for European models to hit the US soil. BMW created a waiting list for those Americans who wanted to be amounts the first to own an X1.

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