Which Electric car is the best to buy? // We make it easy for you!

In the same way that BlackBerry was once King of the smartphone, Tesla is the king of the electric car. Currently, you can buy or order around 100 different EV models in the U.S. We are simplifying the information to help people understand what is available. But we’ll start with which vehicles on sale today have the best range.

Let’s talk about recharging time. Super important to anybody buying a car. There’s a list of the top 5 with Hyundai’s Ionic 5. At number five, with 13.4 miles, every single minute that you charge it on a top charger. Then at number 4 is Kia’s EV6; you’ll get 14.5 miles for every minute charge, then moving up to number three. It’s Tesla’s Model 3. I’ll get 15 miles for every minute charge. Porche’sTaycan at number two, 15.5 miles for every minute charged. And the number one spot. It’s Lucid Air getting 20 miles on a top charger for every minute charged.

Let’s talk about range. That’s super important to most Americans. The longest-range vehicle on sale today is the Lucid air, and that will get about 520 miles. It’s an expensive vehicle with a hundred and seventy thousand dollars MSRP before any tax credits.

Coming soon is the Mercedes-Benz EQXX which gets a real-world test of 747 miles on a single charge.

Price for EVs, now be careful with the tax credits. Ford, Toyota, and Nissan are about to see their tax credits expire. So you won’t get the seventy-five hundred dollar tax credit.

The Chevy Bolt EV is $27,590 Chevy currently does not qualify for the tax credit. Nissan Leaf is $28,425. They are about to lose their federal tax credits, and the Chevy Bolt EV is $29,190 of course, Chevy doesn’t qualify for that federal tax credit. So those are the three least expensive electric cars in the United States. Hopefully, this quick information will help you process and make the best decision for you and your family.

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