Which One Will Be the Best-Selling Vehicle of 2022? // Spoiler – Ford. Again.

​2022 has been a unique year for the automotive industry. Coming out of the pandemic and straight into parts shortages. How did the hurdles of the year impact sales?

Usually, at the end of the year, there is a significant rise in sales, but this year has been slightly different. The Ford F-150 had been the number-one vehicle in America for many years.
Over 44 years, to be exact, it is on track to keep the title for 2022 but with fewer trucks sold due to inventory issues. However, by the time you’ve read this, Ford has sold another F-150.

General Motors have been clever in maneuvering around the chip shortage. The Sierra 1500 AT4, Denali, and Silverado can all take the same chip, and catering to consumers’ wants was smart.
Chevy has always taken Second place in the sales chart with the Silverado. But this year, Ram may have outpaced them for second place.

Vehicle availability is much more plentiful than it was earlier this year. Thanks to semiconductors being produced at an increased rate.
Toyota has taken advantage of its resources and has not been able to make its trucks fast enough. They are selling everything they make.

Electric vehicles have invaded every category, including trucks. But the popularity has taken a turn for the worse. Over one specific thing.
That one thing is Gas Prices. In some parts of California right now, it can cost more to Run your Electric car than your gas car if you recharge it at the wrong place at the wrong time of day.

The best-selling vehicles at the end of this year will likely be the same as last year. The Ram 1500, Chevy Silverado, and the Ford F150. Ford wins this, but who will take second and third place? Ram vs. Chevy may come down to the last day of sales for the year.

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